Wow... Tore up...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. This crazy...

    Well, I been fuckin up in adult ed.

    Today got dropped from 2 outta 3 of my classes. Of my tues/thurs classes. So only got a mornin class thats it. Because i skipped again becuase my mans got ran last night so i had to take care of some thangs.

    But i aient drank since fucking saturday. Been smokin plentya weed.

    Fukcing yesterday mowed a lawn for quick cash and made some. Got a fifth and a pack fo squares with it today.

    Drank 3 shots back to back then bout 10-15 minutes i done smoked a bowl and was buzzin good. My ex calls me who im bout to get back with and i was slurrin and fucked up and she figuired it out.

    She said 'we need a talk tommrow'. Fuck lol.

    So i drank more, And smoked more. And chillin.

    Ill deal with tommrow, Tommrow.

    Cuz im gettin dropped from my third class tommrow, Got class in the mornin and until 1 then im outta there and got dropped from my third class.

    Been fuckin up because of gettin back into the hood grind. You always learn more on the streets then ever in school.

    So im jus tore up off almost nothing, A pint is not much to a heavy drinker like me but i aient drank since saturday which is crazy.

    Im tore up, Gon drank more then smoke.

    Gotta wake up early tommrow too.
  2. Damn, that sucks dude.
    I hope all goes well, man.
  3. Bro, get your shit together. I don't want to judge you, or tell you what to do, but right now you need to finish up school. Job's don't care how long you been in the hood. You can't put that shit on your resume', jah feel me? All i'm sayin is, do you shit you do, but at the same time, go to school finish up, and get on with your life, your a smart person, you can multi-task, you may think it's too difficult, but when the going gets tough, man it out, and in the end you'll thank yourself.
  4. ^ what he said (+rep)
  5. You know what you have to do, man, i'm not gonna lecture you.

    Gotta give you some respect for taking the initative and going back to school. Must not have been easy.
  6. I know, I done fucked up. And i regret it. Ill prolly have no place to live because of it. Because of the fucking drugs which take the reality and pain away. Because the drugs made me want to skip school and forget about life and jobs and money and responisbilty.

    But now i realize, Once again, But its too late for now. I still got a couple classes.

    Im a dumbass.

    I mainley started skippin becuase me n the woman problems. And major problems. I jus never felt like goin, And other people wouldnt go and id jus leave with them and smoke and do other drugs. Then pretend i did everything i was supposed to that day when i get home.

    The thing is, I hang out with almost all highschool dropouts but with major cash flows. Major bank rolls. I always roll with the dealers and the ballers. And none of them got a job or gratuated yet living luxuious as hell.

    Fucks with my head, Makes me wanna do that an say fuck school. Which i have been.

    But now i done fucked up.

    And im so drunk, I have no idea what i said in this post and ill read it sober maybe tommrow if im sober.

    Im outtie on this, Peace GC.

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