Wow... too many weed plants!

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  1. OK so I had like 11 seeds an I planted them all in a small 8 inch wide 8 inch deep pot. The pot it barely big enough to sustain 1 weed plant. Anyways... every fucking seed sprouted and now all 11 plants are about 5 inches tall... im into week 2 since i planted the seeds. . I knew i was going to have to transplant them but now theres like 11 and their roots are probably going to all twist around each other and if i try to remove any certain ONE, ill rip the fragile roots and kill it.

    What im thinking is just leave it in the pot and try to sex them and kill the males, leave like 2 females, and then transplant? I hope I'm even able to sex them all in this tiny ass pot.. .I'm hoping the stronger ones, and bigger plants for now will be the ones to get the light and the overshawdowed smaller plants will shrivel up and die... But i just hope ALL of them dont shrivel and die before they sex.... Should I transplant them now...? I i put them all in a big pot though they will still be like all all like centimeters away freom each other... i cant seperate them! Help!
  2. lol I havent got a clue m8 but ide love to see a pic:rolleyes:
  3. The sooner you transplant the better. I recently had to transplant 5 plants that were growing together and they did fine. Be very careful and gentle. They are small enough now that the roots won't be that tangled. If you wait it will get worse.
    Get some fox farm ocean forest soil and 6 inch pots. You'll be fine.:smoking:
  4. yea, there's no way you want to leave those seedlings in there.

    the best way to get them out of the pot is to ease the soil and seedlings out of there onto a table. It shouldn't be hard cos they haven't been in there long. Just take your time and do everything carefully and slowly. Don't damage the tops or the roots.

    Once everything's tipped onto a table, carefully pick the seedlings up one at a time and plant them in their own pots. Just be careful when you're untangling the roots and handling them.

    GL man. :D

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