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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by vag, May 20, 2006.

  1. wow, i think i got some laced weed or something, or it was the bombiest weed EVER. i mean when i got it, i thought it was just what i usally get but boy was i wrong. it smelled very strange, hard to describe. kinda like the scent of a fresh tree. it was extremly crystally and hella sticky and dense. i packed a small bowl and i was high for a good 3 hours and buzzed for another 2. then around 9:30 i smoked my average size bowl, and WOW this was intense. i was hallucinateing. i would see like shapes and stuff floating around. dont take this next part wrong but i started to watch porn and i paused it and closed my eyes and it was still playing!! then i opended my eyes and there it was paused. it was insane. so i turned that off and i told my buddy online about this stuff happening and then i went to bed. there i just kinda laid there and closed my eyes and i was tripping. i would see triangles and squares and circles, lights movements, man it was great. then i started watching TV and it was like it was talking directly to me. then i finally dozed off around 10:30. then i woke up around 1 am and went to go get a drink and i was still buzzing insanely. i seriously thought there was like 80 people in my tiny kitchen so i ran back to my room to find out it was only my mom and my nieghbor. then i was laying there haveing CEV's and i finally slept untill about 20 mins ago.

    can anyone tell me what happend?

    edit ive been smokeing regularly for about 6 months now
  2. haha yeah dude from the sounds of that it's laced. good thing you didn't freak out and have a bad trip!

    not sure with what though...

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