wow, this suck. I'm being framed

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. So heres the deal. My parents went away for a week and I had the house a few days, I too went out of state that week. Ok so my dad has these two lock boxes, with some very very very *stress very xalot* important. Well, they're both gone. They locked their bedroom door, the door trim is in the way to slide a card in, and the latch is facing the wrong way to be able to be carded. We tried like hell to get it open, no luck. Well the only people that really knew about those boxes were me, my brother, and my stepmom. My brother doesnt live at home anymore. So I'm left as the only suspect. I did not take them. And what else does my dad have to believe, honestly, look at it from his eyes, I'm the ONLY one that could have done it, even though I can't break into their room. I really don't know what to say. I told him how it wasn't me. He has tore the house apart looking for it and he hasnt come up with anything.

    I really don't want to say it, but either hes getting old (mid 50's) and starting to forget things, or, my brother came down here and took it, since he's gotten in a lot of trouble and is going to have to get one hell of a lawyer to get out of what hes in.

    Another thing could be the four people that come over that week. I trust them with everything. I've know two of them since the 3rd grade, one since the 6th, and the other since like 9th. But yea, theyre my best friends, I'm not saying they didn't, they very well could have.

    shit.. I really just dont know. fuck.

    any advice?
  2. Soory bro, keep looking and thinking of possibilities. What was in the boxes?
  3. Polygraph test. They're like 300 bucks.
  4. mucho grande was in there.

    this bullshit is getting worse. I think my dad honestly believes that I took it. This shit is getting so fucking hard. It's fucking shitty. Why the fuck did it go missing the week my parents left? Honestly, no one that was here would have, or could have gotten in there. AND ITS THE ONLY THING MISSING. This shit has ALL the blame on me. My dad says if he hasn't found it by monday, he's taking the names of the people that were here to the sheriffs dept. Fucking a. My best friends are going to the police dept. for something they didn't do. Thats going to piss them off more at ME than anyone. so what the fuck. I'm seriously about to fucking explode.. I can barely handle this shit.
  5. damn....that sucks.... at first i thought that your parents took it with them.....thats the way you made it sound. but then i realized it. its prolly one of your friends...if they could have gotten into their room.... dont trust friends
  6. what was in the boxes? money?
  7. when i dont find stuff i think maybe i has high and lost the stuff =S
  8. It will be in the last place you look.. don't you hate when people say that.. And what was in the boxes it's like pulp fiction I know the whole fuckin story but what's in the god damn case..

  9. your greatest desires.

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