Wow!!! This guy has so many issues

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    I can't even beleive that somebody like this exists. Do they not think about what others will say, how about how they will react?

    I mean, this guy's just been going along for the ride for so long, when is it going to stop!???
  2. Not on fb. whys this dude on blast?
  3. Did you fucking trick me dude? because that brings me to my profile
  4. I have a feeling this could be a virus just because the link doesn't work and brings you to your profile page...
  5. I just changed my password on it soo. I hope this guys doesn't fool around with me man.
  6. I did the same thing I don't know if it's going to do anything though
  7. It's not a virus guys. It's just made to freak people out, I've seen shit like this posted on here before.
  8. So, you guys don't realize that it's you that I'm talking about ? ;)
  9. Bee Carefulll Guyz!! hahaha

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