Wow, this dude I know shot 4 cops.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Boosh, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Your friend has a date with a needle. Rightfully so in my humble opinion.
  2. Bad move on his part, cop's are seen as better than people in the laws eyes. Was he the one they were looking for?
  3. lol the CO's in the pinta are gonna make it hell for him.
  4. eh, hes been a bit off as long as Ive known him, but dude isnt as hard as he tried to come off as. Then again.. He did shoot some cops... o_O
  5. I can't even describe my hatred for cop-killers......I've had an uncle killed in the line of duty....

    I feel sorry for those cops' families, I hope they find that scumbag and the law has it's way with him......:mad:
  6. Yeh, I mean, I DO think of the police as the enemy, no doubt, but I wouldnt kill them.
  7. Yeah, enforcing laws, protecting community and law-abiding citizens -- who do they think they are? :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. Your implying he is against the Pro's of having police. He is probably referring to them as the enemy in the war on drugs.

    The war on telling people what they can and cant put in there own bodies.
  9. Even then - they're not the enemy; the lawmakers are.
  10. ^^ Aren't they just pawns in the drug war? they get paid to enforce the laws the government makes, they don't make the shit up themselves. Look at LEAP as an example, a shit load of officers wanting to end the drug war.

    Rasta beat me to it
  11. Exactly, man.
  12. Honestly I bet he started shootin cause he had a shitload of stuff in the car. :(
  13. Terrible reason.
  14. Wow, he probably could have just kept on driving. Unless he was the burglar they was looking for, he probably would have been cool. What's with people shooting before thinking? the person who thought guns were a good idea was an idiot.
  15. Well the caveman who thought of bashing other people over the head was an idiot also. Its evolution dude.
  16. A lot of cops are arrogant pricks with badges..
  17. And a lot aren't.

    Besides, I'm an arrogant prick, I just don't have a badge. *shrug*
  18. So are the local bar drunks, but you don't see me pulling out a .45 every time they piss me off either.
  19. Ocala is about a hour south of me, maybe he's hiding in my town lol

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