WoW...think they will do a bundle with Wrath and Cataclysm?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by notime4schwag, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. When it comes they have now with the Wow + Burning Crusade Battlechest.
  2. wrath and cataclysm no.. everything before cata .. eventually
  3. Nah not with Cataclysm. They want you to buy that seperately to pay more. You're saving when you buy the Battle Chest. They'll probably do Vanilla + BC + LK after Cata comes out.
  4. you guys play high?
  5. It's the only way to play.

    I don't think they will do a bundle with Cataclysm right away, they've never done anything like that. But they will update the BattleChest to include WOTLK.
  6. Which servers you guys play on?

    80 hunter - Spinebreaker
    80 DK - Auchindoun.

    waiting on patch 4.0.0 updating then im gonna renew account for first time since january :D
  7. play non-high
    But playing high is the best.
    80 paladin (just got nerfed)
    70 sham (Just got more amazing)
  8. I kinda miss WoW. =/
    No time with gf/work/college now..I should drop one of them.... Kinda getting tired of the gf haha

  9. Dude it's amazing how bad us paladins got nerfed. And I wasn't some reroller in WoTLK. I've been playing my paladin since Vanilla. And I've always been PvE Prot(holy pre-WoTLK)/Ret PvP. And I thought PvP back then was bad but holy balls :eek:

    We're sitting ducks for 13 seconds. Got crit for 17k from a lava burst last night :eek:

  10. dude just dont play the game until december. This is the time of the game life cycle that I hate the most.

    Blizzard releases X.0 patch (the patch right before expansions)

    all of the content and skills / talent trees are designed to be balanced at level 85.

    so when people bitch about it then blizzard makes changes for the last 2 months of the expansion? stupid. they did it for 3.0 as well, ret pallies were owning
  11. Eh it's all good. Just takes some getting use too. I spoke to soon.
  12. Not right away. If your looking to get into it shortly after the release of cata your out of luck buying the bundle. But eventually they'll bundle it

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