Wow, the 5 worst States to get busted in

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Joemoehow, May 14, 2011.

  1. The 5 Worst States to Get Busted With Pot | Drugs | AlterNet

    Man TX is on the list only behind Oklahoma which gives fuckin life sentences for pot, and over 50% of our arrest are for fuckin marijuana, wtf??????

    If you want to do anything I already made a thread about what to do

    Man its fucked up there are still states with such backward Herb laws, anyone who says they don't want it legalized b/c of "big business" obviously never lived in TX or OK or any of the other states on this list
  2. 50%?
    Holy shit!
  3. Thank Jesus I live in Colorado.
  4. Never planned on living in any of those states anyways, specially Arizona, after seeing what a douche the "Toughest Sheriff" is in multiple documentaries.

  5. Women, gtfo politics.
  6. Sexism, gtfo jokes.

  7. Joking dude... :rolleyes:
  8. I know, that's what I said. I believe sexism has shifted from being accepted on a formal level to being accepted in jokes, and that's where it stays alive and reinforces itself.

    Never mind me being a dick... I'm pretty drunk.

  9. I agree entirely, believe me I'm no sexist. I think if it goes beyond a level of joking about it to actually treating the opposite sex differently, then it's a problem. I'll be a bit more respectful on here though to not offend anyone.

    Right on, no worries, happy drinking!
  10. Fuck it, I'm not a woman.
    The kitchen is no place for a computer. ;)
  11. life sentance? lol let the cops try to arrest me when i have pot on me in that case id be swingin 2X4s and shit lol
  12. For real, If I'm to prison for life b/c of some weed I swear I'm taking a couple cops with me(personally I would rather take some politicians down with me;)) there gonna have to shoot me down lol
  13. Seriously Texas is number 2?
    That makes me want to be a lot more careful driving around now..
  14. lol^^
    like seriously imma earn my life sentance, get into a grand theft auto police chase and shit

  15. There's no hitting the reset button and starting over though. It's a game you only play once.
    Then you get to play another game...Its called "Saving my ass from Bubba the Bitchmaker".
  16. Hate my state. Why would they impose life sentances for making hash? I'm like the only fucking person here that does it.
  17. life sentence for a dime bag which is obviously personal use.....I would go ape shit crazy in court.

  18. I saw this stoned and it got me rolling!!!!
  19. Conservative states, they care about your personal liberties.
  20. "Patricia Marilyn Spottedcow, 25, learned the truth about Oklahoma's excessive pot penalties the hard way in February when a judge sentenced the mother of four to 12 years in prison for her role in the sale of $39 worth of herb to an undercover informant."

    Holy. Fuck.

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