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Discussion in 'General' started by rrwilliams, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. all the hours i spent on gc - relating to fellow stoners, helping people out when i could. we had laughs, i cried when posting once. i\'ve had many memories here. I was banned permanantly because racists aren\'t allowed here.... wow, i\'m not even close to being racist. most of my friends are black (and i\'m pretty sure i was being accused of being racist against blacks). when i was saying the n word i wasn\'t referring to color. i did mention \"random black people\" but i was only mentioning that, because i used to trust random black people. and i doubt many will disagree with me here, that was stupid of me, not street smart. sorry if it sounded blunt, but i talk that way around my black friends, if they thought i was racist would they still hang out with me? shit, they were the people telling me not to trust random black people and ******s! either a mistake occured, or someone wayyyyy misintererpreted me... i hope it gets cleared up. this may be a website for some, but i am feeling very emotional right now... i invested a lot into the city. and all of it\'s gone just like that. it was all in vain

    oh, and mods, don\'t worry about banning this acount... i\'m logging out, and wont log back in. i just wanted to be heard one last time because i feel very hurt.
  2. Yeah mods that was pretty dick

    I was reading that thread and although he was being kinda racist, he was nowhere near as racist as that other guy. I hate racists, but banning him for that was kind of dumb.
  3. Im sorry you got banned I guess. I have no idea what you are talking about so I reserve my sympathy. All in all, it just a website. Move on. As far as you know all the people who poast here are imaginary. It is not like you lost something tangible. The internet is not real life.

  4. Just a website?

    Well than my friend, is the Grand Canyon just a hole in Arizona? Is a star just a twinkle in the sky?
  5. If you honestly want to plead your case, I would recommend taking it up with an admin, I don\'t think this thread is really going to get you anywhere.

    I can see how you may have not intended the post to sound the way it did, but you have to also understand how people could have read it as a racist post.

    From what I\'ve seen in the past though, you\'re a good member of the forums. Just gotta be more careful about how you phrase some things I guess.

    Hope things work out for ya, man.
  6. wow i liked rwilliams... his rep bar says a name known to all... no offense to gc but the mods could be fukcing 12 year old kids for all we know...

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]I can assure you that they are not!!! *RMJL[/COLOR]
  7. I\'m gonna take this opprotunity to rant about this forum\'s position on racism/ the \"N\" word.

    I mean, this forum is so tolerant to most things... it doesn\'t censor any other word (to my knowledge) besides the \"N\" word. First off, by censoring it you are giving it way to much meaning and power. I can call Bush a fucking retarde-ass money douchebag but if I call Al Sharpton a negro I need to be fired. ;)

    And if it\'s the fear of racism on the board, let \'em be. Why not give forum members a chance to show the racist person the error in their ways? Give someone a chance to call them a fuckin\' idiot. Give someone else a chance to post an article of an evolutionary study that shows no race to be better/more intelligent. Give someone else a chance to say they are being insensitive and offensive. Give a Black member a chance to chime in and say they act nothing like the way this person is talking about.

    Banning them isn\'t going to help anything. They\'ll just think the mods are a bunch of \"blackie lovin\' fags.\" Someone needs to talk to them about their problem because obviously no one up to this point has.

    And besides, what a fun argument... it\'s like arguing prohibition or evolution vs. creationism; it\'s just so lopesided and easy... why take that away from us? lol
  8. Word.

    We\'ll be the leading movement one day. Keep sticking to it.

    Rrwilliams, I\'m sorry you were banned. I wasn\'t apart of the thread you were banned from. So, I cannot judge at all. From what I observed of your character though, I say you\'re cool in my book.

    ...again, I have no information on what went on...
  9. Banned because of his opinion? That is fucked up

    I dunno how long hes been here personally and I dont care

    Banning someone for simple posting their opinion is fucked up

    Didnt go make a whole topic about how he hates black people infact he wasnt even being racist

    Why is everyone so butt hurt over this racist stuff?


    Guy likes coke but another guy dont ban him for his opinion of not liking coke

    Guy isent racist but ASSUMES another guy is and bans him
  10. Sorry about that brah.
    In before the close!
  11. I know how tough it is to moderate a forum. You want to be fair, but at the same time you DO let your own personal feelings chime in (after all, why would the administrators make you a moderator if they didnt trust your instinct).

    And I especially know how tough it is when a banned member comes back and makes a thread, and the majority of the forum supports them.

    I will say this: We all make mistakes- mods and members alike.

  12. Yes the mod made a mistake

    Not tryin to rag on em or anything we all make em and moderators are people too

    The right thing would be to fix the mistake but if the moderator doesnt feel they made a mistake then I guess whats done is done...

    Either way hate to see ya treated like that rrwilliams but with or without that account you obviously havnt lost the respect of the members despite numbers below your name or green boxes above it
  13. I don\'t think anyone is surprised that this thread is closed.
  14. As the person who banned him, I\'d just like to say - how were his comments NOT racist? Especially when taken in context of that thread and all the other racist posts that were there? He jumped right on the band-wagon, and got banned for it. He should have known better than to post the way he did in that thread.

    rwilliams can claim all he wants that most his friends are black, and I\'m supposed to believe him, why? Just because he says so? Oh, that makes it true then. I forgot. :rolleyes:

    And yeah... Like someone already said. If it\'s believed I\'m in the wrong (shit happens, I\'m human, too), take it up with Rummy. If she feels I was in the wrong, she\'ll lift the ban and things can continue on as normal, if not, then he stays banned... Pretty simple, really.

    EDIT: Upon further reading of your post, I\'ve decided to change it to a 2 week ban. Be more careful about how you word things, man... And try to avoid posts where there\'s a lot of racist comments being thrown around, especially if you\'re going to post something that could be viewed as racist. My apologies for misunderstanding your post... Though I do honestly believe you\'re a racist. Deny it all you want, the way you posted in that thread was inappropriate...
  15. I just reviewed everything and rwilliams showed himself to be a racist and racism is not allowed in the forums. If you need to read the rules again, please do so.

    I don\'t care who disagrees with the ban. The ban is final.

    Also, the decisions that we all make are final. If anyone ever has an issue with a decision that a Mod or Super Mod makes, then you need to take it up with ME!

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