WOW talk about a lucky day

Discussion in 'General' started by Fijj, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Ok so yesterday i smoked the last of this really dank shit i got like 2 weeks ago. But then when i woke up in the morning today i was like "damn i dont got no bud for today...and its friday!...damn". so i was like ok, this sucks, i gotta buy more.

    So i went work and did my usual shit.. At 2 i texted my usual hookup and was like "yo can i get some bud?"

    he was like "im gonna get a patch soon, so ill hit u up when i do"

    then i waited....

    It was 5, and i was like he should have got that pick up and hit me i texted him back.
    "whats the news man"
    and hes like
    "no bud"
    And i was like "NOOOO!!!" but not really cause i dont need bud THAT bad. But it was kind of like that.

    Anyways, i was pissed..
    I decided to go to my prep place and see if i can get any junk into a shit bowl.
    Better than nothing i guess.
    But it wasn't enough, and i was like what am i gonna do??

    So i thought.
    Were else would bud be laying around??

    Then i looked at the bag, with tape on it.
    THe reason that tape was on it was because there was holes in the bag..
    and i remembered that 2 weeks ago when i bought the weed. I remembered that i had found a stray bud in my pants after i put the bag of weed in my pocket...
    So i went to my car, and i checked the floor of my car..

    And i found BIG ol giant bud of weed, it even had those red strands in it, and still smelled sooo dank.
    So, i blazed it up, and all i gots to say is hell yeah.
  2. I love finding weed. I'm not sure if it's actually considered "sad" by anyone's standards, but I feel my body cry tears of joy when I find miscellaneous weed. :)

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