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  1. :eek: i was fuckin around no weed but wait...i feel a urge to make i g oto the other room where supplies are and find some weed..a little bowl..and a long plastic tube 20'' 24'' long and i put a bowl on it..its some what see i put my little bowls worh in and waaaammmooo the smoke was visable through the made the plastic like white..and then WHHHHHHHHHHAMMMMMM :smoke: ....instant stonage....damn i can make good soon im going to make a bong out of a clear plastic tube about 4 inches wide...with a little cinniomon jar..with a metal homemade bowl...the only reason i dont buy pipe and bongs is because i make such good ones...:p
  2. haha i love it when a plan comes together and homemade peices made correctly can be great :hello::D:hippie::bongin::yay::metal:
  3. I've made a couple pipes but most of em suck so i'll probably just buy one.
  4. i love all mine
  5. Yeah man, I've been smoking out of a homemade myself, its worked great. I made it good though.
  6. yeah i dont use alumminnam anymore...only metal...or ima just get me a bong slide..and use it
  7. smoked aluminum is terrible for you. haha. put up some instructions on how to make your shit so i can give it a try. :D
  8. i like making my own and having a nice glass bowl for it. that way i can just make as many pieces as i want, and i only need one bowl.

    but i do need a new bowl. my girlfriend had two of my sliders in her purse and she left it on the train!

    "no, it's ok, i'll take them in my purse."
    "are you sure?"
    "yeah, it's fine."
    "alright." <---and that sealed my pieces doom. i had just gotten two pieces from my friends who are roommates at college because they couldn't use pieces that let out a lot of smoke, like their bong and bubbler, and she took both of the sliders! damn! but i couldn't be mad at her, she lost her purse and a lot of shit was in there.
  9. yeah i make so many pieces its not funny i just threw alot away..but i got addicited to it because when i was a youngen i couldnt buy i made them and shit did i make goodens and i still do :D

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