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Wow..Still in my system?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by imON1, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Ive been a consistent smoker for couple of years. Some days I smoke half a gram , and some days I have friends over than we smoke up to a 4-6 grams. I recently quit due to legal obligations and it's been 3 weeks. Kinda caved in and took exactly one hit off a pipe( i was told that one hit could only add a week max in your system). It's been another 2 1/2 weeks and I took a home thc test. I still test positive for marijuana which is shocking to me. My test is in 24 days and before I wasn't concern at all but i thought It'd be out my system already. Did I make a huge mistake taking that one hit between? Lol, kinda feels like that one hit took my levels right back up there...Anyways I use to be a gym guy but haven't recently. Now I got 3 weeks to work out. Can anyone give me any insights? For a heavy smoker who quit for only 3 weeks can one hit last much longer than it usually should?
  2. If you are a daily smoker, as you've described, it can stay in your system for months. THC is stored in your fat cells, so metabolism and your size will make a difference, too. In my experience the best way to get clean is to start eating a low fat diet and exercising a lot. Stop exercising and resume a more normal, higher in fat (but I'm not saying be unhealthy here!) diet a few days before you test. Mind you, if you're a daily smoker this won't get you clean in a week or anything, but nothing will.

    I've found things like detox drinks and pills to be a waste of money, although some people do love them. Water will only dilute your urine (helpful if you have been clean for awhile and are taking a cheaper test (as cheaper tests require more THC to show a positive, generally)). Vitamins like the B vitamins don't actually get you clean, but rather help disguise diluted urine.
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    i know for a fact how to clean your system and taking advice on something like this can be quite sketchy...... first off (opefully you live somewhere wit wel water cuz fluorides bad for your brain) drink lots of water with 2 echinacea pills a day excersize is recommended dont waste your money on detox drinks and what not but if you want to go all out and be real safe get some apple cider vinegar which is 6 bucks

    1) water
    2) 6-10$ echinacea pills (natural antibiotic)
    3) 6$ apple cider vinegar (make sure it as 'mother' in it) ****braggs brand**** is recommended

    you can do this with other methods too!

    p.s. you could get some vit b12 or b6 i forget wichever one gives you energy ... the echinacea and acv are extremely good for you anyway
  4. That’s not the point.
  5. If you have 3 weeks youll be fine just dont smoke were probably testing right at the cutoff..takes me 4 weeks to be clean
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  7. weed can stay in anyones system for 3+ months if you smoke enough.
    despite if you're "skinny". or not.
    or whatever.
    when i was younger and hella skinny i smoked weed everyday and had to quit for a period of time, i was clean for over 3 months and still failed at home drug tests.
    so good luck sir.
    though it may be rare for it to stay in your system that long. it can happen.
  8. whats not the point

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