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  1. well guys last yr i had 4 plants ripped off from me outdoors.and last night i was down at the bar playing some pool and having a few drinks and a convo started up about mj and this guy was talking about how he found 3 plants in the woods while "hiking" and it cought my attention very quickly,thinking hey he might be talking about MINE well he went into detail about where he found them and what do you know they was mine.. and at this point i just wanted to smash the dude in the face....but i kept my cool as i did not want anyone to know what i do for a hobby..but now i know who he is and where he goes "hiking" so now i know to plan a bit better this time...well just thought that was an intersting thing to tell you guys/girls..and on another note i found a quarter of smoke that i had stashed away a few months back and i must say it still taste n looks nice n fresh gotta love them mason jars :) well have a good day ppl
  2. wow man if i were you i would seriously camp out in the woods on day for him to go "hiking " as he says prob just looks for other peoples plants then when he comes by beat the shit of him,rob em do wut ever u see fit i kno i would do worse than those things without a second thought
  3. trust me i wanted to then an there.. i grew up on the streets ya know always gettin in trouble for fighting and stuff so im trying to leave that life behind.. so i do my best to keep my cool and i know that someday karma will get the best of him..and one of my boys who knows what i do he does so also ..was there and he knows him quite a bit so who knows what might come of it down the rd but for now its all gravy what goes around comes around..
  4. middie probably did the right thing not starting shit with the guy. and if he did wait for him, then beat the shit out of him you know what you would have to do to the guy to not let him get back at you. AND THATS HEAVY SHIT.
  5. yeah well when i get ahold of somebody they usually never come back for more im 6'3 285 pounds i been doing the whole weight lifting thing since middle school not a small dude and no im not on steroids..god do i hate that when ppl assume big ppl are juiced up lol:cool:
  6. im sorry but im siding with your "freind" on this one...

    if i were walking through the woods and found plants id be taken em. i dont even care. i woulda took em. and i wouldnt be stupid enough to go back and take more after i already took a few. cause you dont get greedy
  7. bear traps dude

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