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  1. Ok, first I live in this apartment building with off street parking and they only have 8 stalls which is one car per apartment. Well there is never any parking and just like 2 feet to the north of that there is a separate parking lot which nobody ever parks in.

    Well tonight I parked in it and my car got towed. What makes it even so much more ridiculous is that I couldn't get it out of the lot because my insurance card expired 6 days ago and I haven't been up to my dads to grab it. And they same company manages both places and the lady at the towing company said they were "waiting" for me to park there. Fuck that.

    Oh and did I forget to say that I received my 8 month resident ledger and they've been charging me $10 more a month then they were supposed to? And they didn't even have the apartment cleaned before I moved in. I mean what the fuck kind of business are they trying to run?

    Fuck Century Management in Lincoln, NE. If you ever live in that city don't rent from these assholes.
  2. Sounds exactly like what happened to me... are you my clone that is exactly one year behind me?!?!?
    This is odd... Lacoste is the shit by the way.
  3. holy s#$% i know that exact place, i'll be back in lincoln next year man :wave:
  4. Soooo sorry but I have to throw out there that Operation Repo is on my television right now.
  5. the worst part about your story is you live in lincoln..sorry

  6. nebraska is a pretty chill place man, omaha more so then lincoln, but still it ain't bad, plus the weed is straight FIRE :smoking:
  7. Then I must be getting my weed from the wrong person cause the crap I get is what we called in Oregon brick weed. *sigh* I would love to find some sticky icky weed. Though it might be because I'm in a Podunk town on the Iowa/Nebraska border. Grrrrrr.
  8. well duh

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