Wow. Scary night last night.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, May 19, 2004.

  1. Last night a freind of mine almost killed himself. Alot of his older freinds all started to dislike him recently, and last night online he told me he was just about to hang himself. He told me he realy had no point in living. He was doing bad in school, unhealthy, not many freinds, etc etc. I was basicly the only person who talked with him and stuff. But another person he talks with sometimes talked him out of it online last night. I coyldnt do a thing. When I told him its not a good decision at all, he wouldnt listen. All he told me was to pick a song for him to play on repeat while he was dead.

    Scared the hell out of me. All that went through my head last night was "One of my good freinds is about to be gone soon".

    He said he is going to think about it. He wants to sort things out.

  2. what do you mean you couldn't do anything? uhhhhhhhh..... call 911 maybe? or go over to his house... or call someone who can go over to his house if you can't. plus, i really doubt he was gonna do it, he just wanted to let people know how he was feeling, and threats of suicide seemed like the best/most descriptive way for him at the time. but that doesn't mean he won't do it in the future, so if he's really a friend, you get him some help.

  3. ^couldn't have said it better myself.

  4. somehow i dont think that would help any.
    sure, the wannabe suicidals (i.e. goth bandwagon kids) are pussies but its not a good thing if anyone wants to kill themselves, no matter what. things work out and theres no reason to do somethin like that. tell this guy to go get laid and to smoke some bud and he'll be feelin better in no time
  5. nah luke suicidal people dont deserve a blunt they just need to get all those crazy fuckin thoughts knocked out of there head

  6. Well that would do just about nothing.

  7. damn straight! they SHOULD be thinkin bout killin the mutha fuckas that are messin with him! tell him to kck the guys knees in, then theyll know what kinda crazy ass theyre dealin with!
  8. you could have just gone over there brought over some nugs and worked shit out... :)..... :smoking:
  9. Almost everyone that commits suicide, tells people close to them that they are going to kill themselves before. Its a last cry for help i guess.

    Your friend needs proffessional help, both for your friend and for your own sanity i suggest you find him some. If the kid kills himself later, after you knew he was suicidal, but you didnt do anything to help you will hate yourself for it for the rest of your life.
  10. Im sure after smokin' a few joints and watching a funny show with a friend would make him damn happy, then you could joke about how if he were gone he would miss all this.
  11. i've been in the same situation before. this girl was on aim and telling me how she just wanted to end her life (for various reasons). i did my best to talk her out of it; i was sweating and my hands were almost shaking too much to type back to her. i didnt want something like that on my conscious. luckily shes still breathing and a good friend of mine. that weekend she chilled with me and a couple of my friends. we all got baked and had a good time. i know a lot of her other friends talked to her about it too, but i like to think i was the biggest influence in her decisions :p
  12. I've witnessed a similar situation with a friend of a friend. My friend and I ended up spending a little cash and taking him out to a lan place to play counterstrike all night. By the end of the night he didn't want to kill himself and actually acted like a bit of an ass (didn't thank us, insulted me to my face). The fact is that if he really wanted to die he probably wouldn't say so, he'd just do it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to help him though.
  13. i just hope your friend is ok! Always ask him if things are going ok, and if you could help him out (if you want to). i've never known anyone who has killed themselfs.. but i know ppl who have tried and its not cool, cause life is really worth livin'!
  14. i feeel suicidal often for some fucked up shit but i really dont think anyone gives a fuck and even if i told them they wouldnt bring em nugs or do so depressing

  15. +rep.

    People who go around talking about how there going to kill themselves are just wanting attention, if you really really really thought your life was that misrable then you wouldn't even bother talking about it. And hes not a very good friend, seeing as how i can understand how he scared the shit out of you. I think its very selfish to scare the living shit out of people just so you can have a little pity party, very pathetic.

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