Wow, remember life before the internet?????

Discussion in 'General' started by Ubiquitous, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Geez. All of my information is gathered from the net.

    I have made friends and have stopped going to the library altogether because the net is everything.

    Wow. What was life really like before the net? Was it really not much different from now or has it REALLY changed our lives?

    Is your life that much easier? Has your quality of life increased?

    Hmm. Wow. Where did you go to get information

    My bank account is bigger because I do less R&D of things I like on my own.

    O yea. Porn is free and so is sooooooooooooooooooooo much information.

    Bargains are to be had. Cars are purchased and salesmen are losing money fighting this thing we call the net.

    My friend works at the internet and he said grasscity is amazing. He is going to give grasscity an 8 digit raise......:hello:
  2. Haha, this reminds me of when my mom spent hundreds of dollars on top of the line encyclopedias. The saleslady was there and I didn't want to shoot her sale down so I just stayed quiet. As soon as she left, I'm like hello mom, welcome to the present (shows her laptop). Let's never have this discussion again lol.
  3. I probably couldn't live without the internet. It sounds pathetic, but I get everything from the internet.
  4. Haha yep, it's the Digital Revolution! It was foreseen back when computers first came.
  5. I didn't use my PC (Packard Bell 50 MHz SE 4 MB ram 420 HD 2400 bps modem) much except for a few games (was really little at the time). I remember using Prodigy as my isp and paying for just a few hours per month. The first PC I used was an Apple II (played some rabbit game looking for a carrot) in I think 4th grade at school. Now I've come full circle.. Mac Pro desktop Macbook Pro laptop.
  6. LOL sorry i thought that sounded really funny.
    BUT anyways, i think the internet is giving too many people the balls to be pussies in the real world, if that makes any sense.
    Nowadays there are so many young kids on the internet that its hard to control what gets out, and its totally effecting the people they grow up to become.
    And yea i fuckin love the internet i prolly couldnt live without it,(ugh but i could totally live without myspace and its slutty girls and scenesters)

  7. I remember the days where we could only get the Sears' Catalog for stroke material (good lord if my mother had caught me with playboy I'd have been hanged by a rosary).. you young pups have no idea what's it's like not to have pussy on demand 24/7 ... damn spoiled whipper snappers =)
  8. haha, he works at the internet? i wanna go there.
  9. i was in my teens,,,, when the comp. come out in the late 80's,

    theyre was a lot less fat kids,,,,than they are now,,,,
  10. What would we ever do if Al Gore hadn't invented this internet thing. :laughing:
  11. the first time i really remember the "internet" i was prob in like 5th 6th grade going on AOL lol and trying to see boobs and checking out the wwf hahah that was prob in like 1995 or so. we had computers before that because my dad would get the old ones from his work and i had been playing space invaders for a few years at that point but the best part was how amazing i thought AOL was.
  12. I would be screwed as well without the internet and computers lol I spend probably half my day on the computer everyday. It would be so boring without it.
  13. Remember when we had attention spans longer than 15 seconds?:D

    We read these things called books, and had tapes and records, and conversed with people we were in the same room with.

    No one in Russia had ever seen my penis, before the internet.:eek:

    It was quite hard to find grower's info, before the internet.

    And the poor unsigned musicians had to go touring the country in their little shitty vans, playing for peanuts, just to try to sell a few albums.

    My Space was not to be invaded back then.:p

    And Bob Saget had a career, before youtube came along.
  14. Life before the internet? What manner of heresy is this? Everyone knows that there was only darkness before 4chan created the internets.
  15. :laughing:
  16. What, there are two people called Bob Saget?
  17. Yes, I do remember, as I lived way back then.
    My first glimpse of any pc stuff was my freshman year in highschool, when my nerdy asian friends told me they were forced to take Fortran and Cobol classes by their parents.
    I had no idea what that was. I was only partly nerdy, as I was smart, but hung with cool ppl. :rolleyes:
    The internet is wonderful, but so are lots of other things in the world.

  18. i love the net, love computers, couldnt imagine not having 1
  19. Your friend works at the Internet? Can he get me in?
  20. That's what I was thinking.

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