wow! rant.

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. lol...yeah I coulda messed around with the image but im waaaay to lazy right now..I think the moon is in venus right now..but anyway..the eyes, Im feeeeeelin, so im stickin with em.. ;) nice goin yourself hehe
  2. well...looks like we OWN the second page......yay!....why yay?! you ask?....i do not know
  3. oh i dont ask, Im not looking for any trouble. cause trouble there will be if people start to catch on..i think..or not..but who really know?

    ed: I love to edit my posts I dunno why!! dont ask why!! and dont drink budwei.

    ed 2: I tried to rhyme

    ed 3: just for fun so I can..

    ed (squared): do this.

    ed again: is that right?

    final ed: who cares.
  4. am in complete and total confusion up to my ears...i am swimming in is all around me...can you hear it?!
  5. oh, *those* voices??? yeah they swim alright..ugh. I gotta stop drinking so much

    did you hear about the kalua (sp?) theyre coming out with? its gonna be something like 80%
  6. nope, sure didnt, but wish i had, it would make for great not a drinker, i throw up every single stinkiin time i have been drunk, i guess thats good tho, cuz if i didnt i would be an i smoke...but now i im thinkin of doin shrooms every once in a while.
  7. yeah Im hoping to get some shroomies after this weekend. I drink A LOT A LOT more than I should, but I cant smoke either anymore!!! ugh! have you ever tried the salvia d?
  8. no, but its one of the other things im researching, along with the shrooms...its gonna wind up bein one of the two.
  9. very nice to hear. Ill talk to yeah later. the mirror awaits. its a race race race to feed your face!!! its hungry hungry hippos!!!
  10. just put like..three threads all in im glad i wasnt stoned, or i would have had to hide in the corner for a while, while the green fluffy slipper pants shimmied into the water machine
  11. im tired. but i got these whitestripes thingies on me teethies cause well i drink coffee in the mornings and ink and sometimes tea at night. then this one time I ate food coloring, man oh my mom, embarrassed to take me anywhere bought me them like 6 years ago, but remember how I cleaned my room and was gonna give my fish hash on a hook? well I found these things and I stuck like eight of them in my mouth and now I feel like I should take them out cause its starting to burn my trachea. that reminds me the one time I ate blueberry chapstick for $2 and the only thing to drink was apple juice. I almost threw up but it wasnt anything like the food coloring incident.

  12. as i hit the pipe some more i ask you this:

    where in the hell did that come drink ink?!?!
  13. and WHO THE HELL IS ED?!?!?

  14. good good, good to hear..hit that thang..

    ..I think your rubbing off on me..

    ed: edit, dumbbuttpussywillowstuffer

    ed numero two-o: lol "whos ed"..hahaha
  15. did somebody say rubbing?!

    and damnit, i looked and nobody named ed saiyed anything on the second page, just you and me.

  16. norm?
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