Wow people are nice!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chtxbx, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. so im at this party, drinkin a ton, and i go out for a sig with some ppl, and this dude walks by, turns out to be an old friend of my boy, and they havent seen eachother in forever. So theyre talkin, then we get to talkin, and its all good, then he asks "yo man u smoke?" and im like "Fuck yeah dude" and he just hands me 2 nugs of some nice headies, like 1.2gs and keeps talkin, then we say our goodbyes and shit. Go upstairs so confused as to what happened.

    later went to my friends place and grinded the weed, smoked one bowl then got whats left and put some keif on and ripped it.

    Man people are so nice!!!! its great to be in a friendly atmosphere
  2. Hell yeah man now you gotta spread the love :smoking:
  3. I gave away 2g's to a first timer a while back, and what do you know, he hooked my friend up the other day!
  4. For sure! Sounds awesome though! :wave::smoking:
  5. 2 years ago i was on vacation in India Goa to be more precisely and i was on my way bake from the beach and there was this guy looks like some kind of hippie how asked me for a lighter and so we start stalking and he asked me if i smoke and indeed and so he offer me a Shillum of very nice hash ..and very special experence for me i think that thoughs people are quit nice and from time to time u have the luck to met them :)

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