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Wow....Parents gave me a treat.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ///maniac, Apr 29, 2004.

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  1. ok well my parents blaze up and tried to hide it from me for like 4 years. until i walked in and saw my mom hitting a bubbler. anyways now its all cool my parents smoke in front of me and i smoke in front of them. but never together. well my parents took off for the weekend to our houseboats and guess what good ol mommy dearest left for me...

    thats right boys and girls, a new pipe (affectionally named \"Sunshine\") and a quarter

    God i love my parents
  2. haha that\'s cool. i wish my parents would buy me a new piece.
  3. isn,t that illegal ?? :D
  4. omg thats so damn cool
  5. wow lucky you
  6. lucky im 19 havent talked to my parents in 3 years i know its a bad thing to say but i really do hate them....
  7. im pretty unhappy with my dad right now. Couldnt say parents, becasue Ive never known my mom. However I just got a letter from her yesterday, straight outta the blue, I was fuckin surprised. She says shes in jail, doesnt say what for, but shes in there for awhile. But there are numerous reasons im unahppy with my dad, that i dont want to go into.
  8. You lucky bastard. My parents are all dramatic about it and shit. \"Well Aunt ___ smoked pot and drank when she was your age and now she\'s addicted to meth!\" God...
  9. i wish my parents understood. not saying i wish they toked up (wouldnt be terrible) i just wish they understood
  10. I wish my parents were easier going. They are sooooo straight edge. They kicked me out of the house when they first found out I had smoked. So now, they\'re randomly testing me and if I choose to smoke I have to be very careful and choose times when I won\'t be going back home for a while. No smoking for the whole summer! :( I\'ll have to make sure I roll a celebratory blunt when I get back to school.
  11. Thats phat dude I wish my parents were about taht stuff
  12. lucky i live with my grandma who gambles and shit so i can smoke while shes out
  13. my pops bought me a pipe.....we always smokes together though.....but i broke the pipe wednesday.....dammit......
  14. yah man my friend has the same deal, we always toke up and his mom is so lax
  15. my parents smoke but they dont know that i smoke but i live on my on so i dont care
  16. At that age it made me feel uncomfortable smoking with adults and even guilty.
    Old folks smoke the best herb though, learned that when i found out my grandma smoked bud, i stayed a weekend with her when i was in highschool. She left the house and i went searchin for it, found it, pinched it and loved it. She also had some european cigarettes in there from the trips to germany, they sure beat those damn virginia slims and dorals i kept stealin from her!
    Aww the good ol days:)
  17. i think the only time my grandma tried pot was when she had cancer, it was in pill form but she said she felt good, and everything looked more clear... god i miss her... i dont know what it was but i only saw her bou once a week until she passed on, and now i feel i was closer to her that my mom and dad.... i bet she would be cool with me smoking
  18. Sorry to hear about your Gram\'s man!

    The pill form of marijuana is called \"Marinol\" Just looked this up incase your curious to learn more.
    I did an awesome oral report on it in a business class my first year of college. As soon as i put that transparent sheet on the projector with a big bud leaf on it all the pot heads came out of the closet. It was a riot, lmfao.
    Lookin back i cant believe i did that shit in college, at least your tax dollars paid off:)

  19. dude, im sure you have heard of niacin, and it works great for my friend who has UAs, why dont you give it a try?

    you may be wayy ahead of me, but PM me if u want any info
  20. Got a pic of your new piece?

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