Wow never expected this ever.

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  1. My girl got horny last night and ended up fucking on a folding chair...:eek:

    Not comfy but gotta do what ya gotta do.
  2. There is not much to say in response to this.
  3. I always wanted to fuck in one of those spinny computer chairs, bro.

  4. If u get one that doesnt have a fancy chairback and armrests its fucking amazing. My ex used to ride me hardcore while I was sittin in it. Good times. ;)
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    Done that. A lot. Actually riding a guy in a bug ol' chair is my third favorite position.
  6. y didnt u just fuck on the floor?
  7. Bed? we did...Fuck that uncomfortableness only last like 3 mins.
  8. hell yeah

    i personally like recliners,so damn comfy wiith it reclined
  9. So your girl wanted it and you delivered.

    Nothing to see here folks.

    move on.

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