wow never been that scared

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  1. well i bought a OZ from a friend tonight and me and some friends smoked a blunt then decited to go to another friends house and my friends girlfriend drives us cuz im way to high to drive and first we drive around in circles on accident. then when we figure out what road we need we see a cop sittin in a parks parking lot as soon as we pass him he pulls right behind us. now the car and all of us smell like weed and i have like 3 grams on me so im getting freaked out and hes like within 2 feet of the bumber of our car so im about to try and ditch the weed when he finnaly turned man i was shaking the whole way to my friends house but when we got there we all smoked a blunt in the car and for some odd reason i wasent scared anymore lol
  2. what made you DECITE to smoke a blunt at the end?
  3. Don't be a dick dude if someone can't spell good . Gtfo
  4. why did you DECITE to take his side?
  5. Because I like keeping the peace. This is a place for stoners. Not assholes. I don't think people should be rude to people unless they deserve. It just like I'm not being rude to you right now. I'm sure the OP would agree
  6. bought an oz...smoked 1 blunt...and had 3g left?? WTF kinda super blunt was that?? triple oo wop??
  7. fer sher:confused:
  8. def dude, im sick of fuckers on ehre like that correcting spelling errors and shit, if i was in fucking english 1200 yea i woudl care, but i already passed that , so fuck off , people are on here to chill and people come on here with that spelling and grammar bullshit, fuck that, fuckin buzzkill
  9. I don't know why cops do that, but it's happened to me a few times as well. I've never been pulled over, but more than once a cop has pulled out behind me and practically tailgated me for about 5 minutes, then he just turns off. My guess is they are running your plates to see if there's any outstanding infractions that they can pull you over for. Either that or they suspect something and want to pull you over so they're waiting for you to make a driving mistake.
  10. Thumbs down to spelling Nazis man. And I am going to have to be the grammar police and let you know that a sentence starts with a capital letter. I'll let you off with a warning this time, but next time I'm going to have to issue you a ticket.
  11. if you want us to read something atleast make it easy to read man.

    Proper grammar and indentation.

  12. you shouldn't correct people if you cant speak WELL. lol
  13. I've heard that is how they look for drunk drivers. ie: Follow you for a bit, see if you are swerving around, etc.
  14. The reason cops do that is to check your tags and see if you have any priors, so if he had been arrested for possession before the odds are that he would have been pulled over.
  15. Ummm... illiteracy isn't cool.
  16. yeah sorry about spelling errors i worked from 3 to 11 then we smoked alot and i was very inebriated at the time but my friend said they were prolly running her plates but thankfully she has a clean record
  17. have you ever heard of the Three Rights. If a cop is following you and he doesnt have his lights on, then if you take three rights in a row and he is still following you and hasnt pulled you over yet, you can call him in for harassment

  18. Is that really a law? Sounds useful. But then again if you take three rights in a row while a cop is behind you, that's kind of suspicious and might be probable cause for him to pull you over.
  19. lol wut
  20. lol turning isnt probable cause for shit.

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