Wow, nervous.

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  1. It's the last two weeks of school here in so cali for me and man is it scary. I've got the review for one of my weakest classes today over the variuos art projects we've done (i go to art school) and this is definately not my best subject. It's sort of like shop, but with a lot of modernist ideas and it is super difficult to please the teacher and I'm like one of the worst in my class cuz I suck at craft and clean edges n'soforth, which is one of the major goals of the class.

    Anyways, so I've been doing ok, but still not as good as most of the other students in the class. Today we have our review before the final last week of our previous three big projects and we have to bring them all in and do a personal one on one talk with the two instructors. I'm super nervous cuz I know they both aren't too happy with my work. But I think that I'll still pass, which is fine, I just get nervous when I have to do this shit, I'd rather just get the grade and move on :hide: , but I get hung up on my impressions on people n'soforth, so it's kinda weird.

    Anyways, I was so nervous I thought I'd post a thread on it before heading for breakfast, and then class, throw me some karma to wish me some luck fellow blades!:wave:
  2. im sure youre work is just fine buddy, dont be nervous.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~karmaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~!!!!! good luck bud! wow them!

    i bet you'll do/you did great.
  3. lol, well anyways, it all turned out pretty well actually, the teacher's liked my work, which is weird. Guess I had been misperceiving their viewpoints this entire term. Ah well, no big deal I suppose. thanks alot mang!
  4. karma karma karma
  5. awesome man!! i knew youd do great, the faith of a friend never fails.
  6. yeh, it went waaay better than expected, I was so happy, I toked a fifty fifty hash/weed bowl, it was a sweet day.
  7. Yeah I get nervous too but that wouldn't make me as nervous as speeches. The worst was my senior year in high school we had to have a 5 minute persuasive speech in front of the class.... you guys can guess what mine was about. Even though I knew tons of info I just froze up there and stumbled across my words but luckily managed to get a B.
  8. well, last day of school guys, again nervous, but not quite as much as last time. going in early to set up project. wish me some good spiritual luck/karma if you can spare it. thanks. damn, i am so going to crash, wake up, and thrust my bong in my face after I get out of class. peace out.
  9. Good luck, my friend, and damn, you guys get out of school hella early.

  10. hell yeh i got like 2 more weeks.
  11. I have more than a month.

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