Wow, My new growin box, need help too

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Dreeker, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Pic will be coming shortly, waiting for seeds to arrive

    Now, the box is about 24'' deep, 36'' wide, 48'' tall

    This is my setup

    Top rectangle (the top duh') will have a 2 24'' fluoros
    Both small sides will have 2 20'' fluoros
    Front will have nothing, and back will have 6 36'' fluoros

    Its made out of wood, painted white. I also have fans there.
    2 fans that i ordered online,

    one leading air in is 120/25 mm the one taking it out is 80/25 mm

    heres how it works

    So the breeeze blows directly over the plant, and out the smaller fan, so not all the co2 is pulled out. This breeze will also make stems stronger

    Total cost of this setup was about 65 usd with about 5 hours work.

    I ran this setup for about 36 hours, temperature was about 81 degrees.

    Now, the location of this is kind of funny. Its right outside my window, on my roof, which is right below my window, if your outside, you cannot see it, if your inside, you cannot see it unless you lean over my window.

    Hers a problem: Is there any way to get the power cord of my socket holder hitng ( 1 socket, to 8 sockets, you know what i mean, only 1 output, 8 inputs) outside, without having to leave my window open, i mean window open isnt a big deal, but my parents always close it, so if theres a cord running thru it, thell check it out, and i dont want that.

    Now heres 2 more problems

    I want to wire my flouros so i can put a timer on them, i bhave money to spend on this, anyone know how to do this/where to get the necesary stuff, if possible i would like to do almost no work at all wiring this and whatnot

    2nd problem, is i want a kind of mist sprayer with a delay, this is not a huge problem because i will be able to see my plant at least once a day, but it will become annoying having to water every so often, so anyone know of a pretty cheap (under 35$) way of doing this

    I plan on growing 2-3 plants, and when it gets too cold, i will put the whole box inside.

    Also, some other things i would like to mention:

    I plan on using a rectangular growing area box type thing, which is 6'' deep, and 15x30'' inches in size, will this be large enough to accomodate for 2-3 plants, and i plan on starting from seeds and going all the way thru till curing using this box. this leaves 9x6 inches left for the fluoros, and wiring and what not

    Another concern of mine, is that i want to be able to move the fans up and down, maybe 10'' -16'' in total movement, from bottom of lowest fan to bottom of highest fan location, so its full movement. Any one know how i would be able to do this. I want no light to come in thru there, so i dont want just an empty hole, with little metal sliders in there, im looking for something like several pieces of wood that are a little bigger than the fan, which can be taken out, as well as the fan, and interlocatted.

    If i cant do this, where should i put my fans, all the way at the bottom?

    And at first should i leave the fans off, because the breeze is pretty powerful, and im afraid to ruin the growing weed

    And lastly, say i happen to get some males tossed in, when is the earliest time ill beable to fish them out, and plant new ones, or should i just take out the males and leave the females, but not put new seeds in?

    Tx, and if i could ask one more question, where can i find an informative detailed article with maybe some pics of cloning, and how to start with a mother?

  2. do you have a picture? stoned peoples need pictures:)
  3. Yes, but i have started to dissasmble the ligths, will opst picture very soon,

    Im buyoing a hps too, from homedepot soon, and thus will leave 2-4 fluoros for veggin (hps will be on 12/12) then will turn it up after 1 month, then ill go 24 with hps for some time then 12/12

    Thank you for posting, lol
  4. yeah man, home depot has a 150w HPS for $45;)

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