wow my mom is being nice wtf

Discussion in 'General' started by oiunsauo, May 27, 2009.

  1. I'm about to graduate and trust me sometimes she made my life hell. I'm not lazy on the weekends I have to help my dad in his construction job.but I am graduating on june
    4 and she has been super nice.I stped smoking for three weeks and at first I thought that was it but I started again because I found a 5 daller meck bag on the ground and smoked it. I been smoking almost 24/7 ever since and she is still being really nice. Is it a trap,and she told me that she did not think I that I was going to graduate on time.
  2. how are you graduating?
  3. maybe she is just drunk
  4. maybe shes happy to get your ass outta the house!
  5. thats awesome, try smoking her out
  6. Sounds like shes got some mothers little helper.

    "Doctor please, some more of these
    Outside the door, she took four more
    What a drag it is getting old"
  7. ^^^^^

    exactly what i thought at first hahaha :smoking:

    edit: the picture
  8. Maybe its her way of dealing with the stress related
  9. lolwut?

    edit: redchrons beat me to it :(
  10. Hey man, at least she is being nice regardless of if she's usually a bitch. Take it while you can. I mean most parents are going to be happy when their child graduates, even if it seems fake at the time just be happy you're getting it at all.

    Congratulations on graduating by the way
  11. i think this...
  12. so apparently she was nice because she wanted your dick...

    sorry, just had to clear this up for anyone who reads this in the future.

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