wow my g/f rocks!

Discussion in 'General' started by Medicated420, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. So me and my g/f are smoking right now and when we started my g/f was thinking " i dont want to use a lighter and were out of matches" so she grabs a toothe pick lights it and uses it to take a hit and so I decided to give it a whirl and turns guys toothe picks fucking rock!!!:eek::hello::smoke: every single hit was smooth as hell and I could taste the herb soooo much better then with lighters or even matches. seriously I dont know if anyone has thought about this but toothe picks could be a substitute for say beeline? I think anyone skeptical should at least give it a try. But im telling you it does actually work
  2. never tried it...I'll definitely have to. And this thread title is very deceiving.

  3. dude, beeline works a lot more efficiently and is a billion times more practical than using a toothpick over and over again, or a new one every few hits even. It's a cool idea if you have no beeline and want to use something besides a lighter, but to suggest that it could replace beeline is stupid. But you get points for ingenuity, thats for sure.
  4. Try Beeline, it's hemp covered in wax, same idea but it burns cleaner than a match, ultimate flavor without the butane.
  5. I dont get how you guys taste butane. I barely hold a flame to my bowl when I hit it, unless its the bong and needs a bit more heat to get roasting.

  6. did you even read the fucking post? how many times has beeline been mentioned in this thread?
  7. Lol I use toothpicks sometimes, its also nice for cornering a bowl since the flame is so small. Almost works like a poor-man's soldering iron :D I burn scented oils in my room so I keep a little tea light close by, don't have to worry about finding lighters
  8. I don't, it's just fun to light things on fire, in order to light other things on fire :hello::D
  9. Haha me too dude. Those things are the shit :cool:
  10. I wish there were more masculine scents though, I get stuff like Black Tea and Sandalwood cuz I want my room to smell good, but not feminine. Though I do love vanilla :D Satsuma is the shit too, nice clean citrus smell
  11. wood is cool :rolleyes:

  12. Sandalwood is real nice. I love Cinnamon! :D
  13. I have tried beeline and I love it too but im out of it and my lhs doesnt carry it so basically this is the shit compared to lighters matches atm maybe not a complete subsitute for beeline just for emergency cases when your out.
  14. 2 words...Solar it...tastes awesome..cant taste anything but bud...just grab a magnifying glass and put it in the sun so that it burns the weed in the bowl...if its a really sunny day out then it shud work...during the summer i did it all the time
  15. Once the post above me, which was posted one minute before me, which was probably posted as I was typing my reply, take your attitude elsewhere.
  16. calm the fuck down..
  17. just smoke that shit lol its weed homie

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