Wow.. Maybe there's some hope for humanity.

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  1. Ehh...

    Isn't it kind of lying to him to let him score? Is he aware they're letting him do it?
  2. No wonder they lost 35-6. Also, I laughed so fucking hard at that video.
  3. yea that was nice and all....but how does tht give you hope for humanity?
  4. Politically Correct Bullshit.

  5. C'mon guys, he has DOWNS syndrome!!!!!! That another team and his own would take the time to let him LIVE a freakin' DREAM. When the most he could usually do is draw ridicule in the REAL world.

    Gave me the first smile I've had in days:D:smoke:
  6. yea word, but my warm fuzzy feeling was already spent on the kid who posted that he's going to smoke with his dying best friend one more time before he god damn dude....thats somethin i can relate to.

    not the dying friend but i can imagine what that smoke sesh would be like

    I mean c'mon... do you really think the kid thought "Oh, they're just letting me score"? Hell no.

    He showed up to practice everyday, worked hard, and lived out his dream in scoring a TD.

    I thought it was heartwarming.
  8. That's like a girl telling you that you have a huge dick, when it's really only 4 inches.

  9. Ehhh....not sure what to think about this one. I think it's kinda garbage though. Like good effort, and I'm sure the school meant well, but that would be like telling me I was about to have sex, and then you bring in a bunch of manequines with strategically cut holes, and a bottle of lotion.

    Ie....It's not real. I mean the gesture is nice, but they should be focusing on his REAL abilities instead. The only exception is if he was fully aware that it was "fake" and he was just doing it for fun...
  10. i'll have hope for humanity when all the unnesecary (sp) hate stops. like encyclopedia dramatica.

    look, the glenn beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 thing is funny, fuck that douche.

    and i know alot of that shit is extreme and supposed to be a joke, but its not all nessecary and there's too many stupid people out there that take that shit into their real lives. EC tends to cherry pick things. They're constantly looking for flaws and bullshit, they fail to look down and see the bullshit they're standing in. (they as in contributers of the site.)

    just let south park take care of that kinda shit.

    i think its cool to be able to laugh at shit like that but it gets too excessive. always feel kinda dirty if i spend too much time on that site haha.

    sorry for the spelling, in a rush.
  11. Yeh, now that one got me a little bit too :)
  12. i'd think of it as more like pity sex, maybe drunk-girl pity sex...

  13. OR the other team just really sucks.
  14. What......did that have to do with.......anything?
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    Yeah. That's the perfect analogy for what it really was.

    It was basically pity sex, and just happened to involve two full boys football teams, a local community, and a down syndrome kid.... Only minus the sex, or else CNN would have found the story of the week :)

    I'm glad I never (that I know of) have been on the receiving end of pity sex...(yet). I have provided pity sex once tho :-/
  16. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW so everyone was in on this "let him score cause we feel bad for him shin dig?" ya sure its a good thing to do but its a lie even though he doesnt know. just seems kinda stupid to me, this doesnt mean theres hope for humanity this just means a bunch of people wanted to be put out to be looked at as "good people"
  17. I just lost a little faith in humanity. They're letting him score because he has Down syndrome, those guys are happy all the time anyway. You can't play football, tons of people can't, why should we make an exception cause you've got an extra chromosome?

    Maybe I'm a little harsh, but I believe achievements have to be earned, even by someone with Down syndrome. I think if I was that kid and I found out they all set it up to make me feel good, I'd hang myself.

  18. yup pretty much summed it up all right there:hello: because he is "special" were gonna bend the rules to make him feel good.
  19. Yeah the point is suppose to be to integrate them into society.

    In a way this kind of made a carnival out of his disease.

    I can't quite put my finger on it, but this story is kinda like......If I was part of the whole shindig, like one of the people involved in orchestrating wouldn't have sat right with me. I probably would not have participated.

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