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  1. You know im reading a book it is called THINK and its a introducition to phillosphy..and you know i get depressed to easy..think about this you know you say when your in a dream you pinch your self to wake up? well in dream you can do anything you want right? so why not make yourself not feel the pinch? like think this is your could die tomorow. like this whole world could be a dream. i just think wow this is my real life, i mean this is real, too real.. i mean a madd scientist could have just took my brain out and put it in a robot and every move i make is robotically made to a supperior other(aliens) could have fucked with our whole world? how do people die because of old age? why do we have old age? i just think way too much..i get into too deep of thinking..but yet i can say im a creative thinker:)

    peacew out bubbles
  2. it might just be me, but I don't get it. I tried really hard to, haha

  3. Nah, your just at the tip of the iceburg, keep thinking though, youlle start to settle on more reasonable anwers
  4. If you want to get out of depression, understand reality and what religion is and about the infinite potential of our mind, look up this book:
  5. or Be Here Now by Ram Dass. It's supposedly and eye-opener and deals with phliosophy and the teachings of one man's guru in India. I reserved it at Barnes and Nobles lol
    More Enlightening Books:

    Btw, i dunno about the Ultimate Reality book... it seems like BS, although im sure itll broaden your perspective, just like most other books. "Secrets" "Effortlessly" "Real Truth about Physicis" "Commune with the dead" As far as I know, no "physicic has won the 1 million dollar contest to PROVE that psysic powers exist. You can form your own test as long as no cheating is possible. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, etc. can all be tested for but nobody has passed. All commercial psychics are BS because they would rather instantly win 1million as opposed to creating a business that charges customers, if they had real powers.

    • How to effortlessly attract infinite wealth, health and happiness
    • Discover the real secrets of healing any disease, however serious
    • Find out the real truth about psychics and how to avoid the charlatans
    • How to visit and communicate with "deceased" relatives and know they live on

  6. A bit of trivia on Ram Dass: birth name, Richard Alpert. Former assistant professor of education and psychology at Harvard. Son of a wealthy New England Lawyer. Partnered with Tim Leary to investigate the effects of psilocybin.

    Cool how hallucinogenics lead him down the path to becoming a guru. :cool:
  7. haha thats ^ cool. Ram Dass sounds like a hindu name or something. I'm picking the book up today :hello:
  8. Nice topic.

    I think you need to relax and take the theories for what they are - Theories!! lol.

    I have thought over every possible theory I can think of, sure it's disturbing to think of some of them like the Alien Race in control of us. The World being in a dream like state. But even if they are, does that mean that 'we' are any less real in a real existance?

    I would say no.

    The biggest theory that always 8ucks me up is the thought; I am, therefore I think I am. Meaning to me; that I am the only one alive and all this is made up in my head. but everyone thinks that, or, do I want them to think that to make this more real???? lol. The possibilites are endless, but discovering them aint.
  9. dude i took i intro to philosphy clas sand now when ever i smoke i go in to these huge like trippy thoughts on everything. it is so weird i like question every thing now. like old age and why do we have evilness in our world.

    and my professer is a huge pothead so he talks like he is always blazed. hahah it is such a trippy class and we talk about the krazzyst things like dreams and not knowing if you are in a dream. and how your senses are the only thing you can trust because memmories could all just be fed into you buy some evil demon/ scientest. and our sences are the only real thing we got. but what if our sensers are prceved in a dream. right now i could be in a dream and i wont never ever know. we could all be in a dream and our reality is in what we think is a dream.

    dont listen to the people that called you crazzy. :)they just dont know how complicated this shit realy is.:eek::eek::eek::eek: it is so trippy every time i go to that class i am changed so much.
  10. I've always found it crazy how my mind formulates what other peope say and how they act in dreams. It's difficult to imagine that when we are conversing in the dream world, we are actually conversing with ourselves--- just multiple versions of ourselves. It's like the mind is the play, which is made up of a bunch of actors and plot and scenery. When we are dreaming, we create ALL of it, even though a lot of it is based on past experiences. I think that in the dream world, barriers are broken down between our concious and subconcious, and our real feelings and insecurities show by the way we act in dreams. Did you ever wake up from a dream and ask yourself just why the hell you didnt confront the monster that was chasing you? or why you didnt decide to just jump out of that building? or why you didnt do something out of the ordinary? It's because we're controlled by our innate or i guess subconcious feelings and desires, and that is what keeps us in line in our awake lives. Learning to break down or enhance some of the subconcious felelings that you experience in a dream will probably enhance your waking life.

    I mean to expand on "I think, therefore I am." Also, can anyone reccommend a good book dealing with dreams?

  11. Gestalt Therapy Verbatim by Frederick S. "Fritz" Perls

    Not really a book on dreams, but the therapy does involve a certain perspective on how you see your dreams.
  12. sometimes i think like we live in the "matrix" or something. but then i tell myself to calm down lol

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