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Wow, like check this out.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Acef Hodeb, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. The cheefier I be chuffin', the better I feel, even when it's all bunked with my heads. Am I makin this up, dudes? Anyone with dog? Some guy say sall over at 30.
  2. *blank stare
  3. He said;

    Good evening. I'm smoking some very fine marijuana and it makes me feel good. Does any one else here have any good marijuana. Do you older people still have a life?
  4. LOL smokinokie! good interpretation :) still LOL

    the more ya smoke the happier ya be, that's my motto for tonight as well. it's friday, a 3-day weekend for us in the USA and nothing to do but relax and bake some ganja cookies and go to some arts festivals, woohoo!

    life is rich, no matter how much $ you have!

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  5. HELL YEAH!!
  6. hee yeah i type jive in hope dat its ripe
    bout my wickidnwild wavy luvuh da greem
    cuv my publifuh is torture to forwere ya
    N 's trufe da moh ya smokcha moyalovya
    I be lookin out for my bruvvuh ehh sistuhss
    Cause we aint gotthomeboy to sendown
    To the beachen bysacka shipinnabba bittifitnuh
    Immonna fissitta pennyfoh dagimminna trillyjiss
    Puh grass tha imussmotin inimabowa haffa dit

    Wha duszza fih, iffuh sahmman tafeiss baffinafastaff, but not thuh fissi taff dannifee? I bo no maam!

    Acef Hodeb
  7. Good god what ramblie. Bob Dylan eat your heart out.


  8. ummmm........HELL YEAH!!!! PREACH ON BROTHA!!!!.......I FEEL JESUS!!!!!!!! HES IN MY SOOOOOLA!.......i hope thats the appropriate response....but, in case it isnt

  9. Sorry man.

    Thought I was with ya there for awhile Acef. But the further I went the more curveballs you was throwin by me.

    But being paranoid,

    If I did offend ya with my earlier translation, I wish to apologize and I can only blame the weed. Just because it's so easy to blame the weed.:)

    Talk on.

    Talk on!

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