WOW Kirk Hammett is god

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  1. Hey im just listening to Metallica blazed and was thinking how fucking sick is kirk hammett? Almost every metallica song he fucking tears it up like crazy. I just had 'The Four Horseman' on and the end solo is just so amazing. I mean i can name so many songs 'master of puppets' 'one' 'enter sandman' etc etc... How many of you think Hammett is one of the best of all time?
  2. Yeah he's quite good on the guitar.
  3. yeahhhh i love jamming to the 'ONE' guitar solo. insane tapping nd speed picking sections.

    many other ppl could rival Hammett, though truee his solos are very puree and fit nice and smooth like butter with the rythm and i deffinatly envy that quality.
  4. too bad st. anger sucked so much. not one fucking solo by kirk on the entire cd. what the fuck?
  5. Old Metallica is my favorite by far. Four Horsemen does have great guitar work, but I don't think Kirk wrote any of it. I don't think Kirk wrote anything until Ride the Lightning, which was awesome. Kirk is very technical, but I've never found him to explore much musically.

    Dave Mustaine did a good job on that album, I must give him credit for this. Too bad his band sucks..
  6. Yea Hetfield did write most of the stuff on guitar but kirk still has a lot of skill and has wrote some solos of his own that are very good.
  7. I don't think Dave Mustaine played on ANY Metallica albums.

    (Megadeth is on tour, now, I'll post my review later)
  8. ^No, but he did write the solos on Kill 'em All I believe.
  9. Meh, after a while youll realize he does the same thing over and over.

    Hes great dont get me wrong, Metallica wouldnt be what it was without him.

    But hes overrated, its mostly all these kids discovering heavy music for the first time, getting all wet over him. Honestly I think Mustaine is the one with the true talent.

    Compare Rust In Peace to Master of Puppets, so many better solos in RIP.
  10. Yeah it kind helps that Marty Friedman is on that album too, haha.

    Kirk's good, but after listening to a bunch more metal (and just music in general), I've found he actually isn't that great.
  11. Screw Metallica, Lamb of God tears that fucking pussy metal to pieces lol no offense that sounded really mean.
  12. lol yea i tried downloading a couple lamb of god songs a while ago when i was hearing a lot about them but idk there too hard for me, im not really too much of a metal head, metallica is about as far as i go, maybe thats why i like hammett so much.
  13. Actually, The Call of Ktulu was written in FULL by Dave Mustaine. As was almost everything on Kil 'em All.
  14. Just another note, Lamb of God sucks. Deny what you want, I've heard all of Ashes of the Wake, and As The Palaces burn, and franky, I'm not impressed. All I'm hearing are metalcore vocals over their "chugga-chugga" guitar riffs. Not to be mean or anything.
  15. ever tried playing songs off of as the palaces burn? they are fucking rough, tough rhythms and some crazy sweeping arpeggios, they got talent, it is just a style, take a chill pill, they do not suck by any means.

    check out children of bodom if you want some good guitarists:

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  16. Children of Bodom has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. And for good fucking reason.

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