Wow, just wow. Measure to Legalize pot article.

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  1. So i found an article on Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz News, Weather & Sports - KSBW Action News 8 that talks about a Measure to Legalize pot that I found pretty cool. The disturbing part was in the comment section. Someone posted something about how Tobacco and Smoking is much better than Marijuana. Now, I'm new to the legalization movement and I know a lot about it already so I said ok, let me just copy some stuff from and just throw out some facts about Marijuana. Well this guy comes back and just attacks me!! He's saying how tobacco is better blah blah blah. Anyway, I think i've held my own on this fight and I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on what I responded. Here is the link: Measure To Legalize Pot Moves Forward - Central Coast News Story - KSBW The Central Coast

    Feel free to respond on there as well! Peace.
  2. lol that kid is retarded. he doesnt knowanything about tobbacco at all lol goods come backs though. and good read.
  3. That's unfortunate, the person posting the comment seems so adamant about their position but haven't stated one fact so far. Little do they know the laws they seem to be defending were established being based on racism and profit greed.
  4. go away troll.

  5. Are you talking to me?
  6. That video u have in your sig is quite intereseting thcbandito!
  7. Ol boy seriously asked whether you would rather share some bud or tobacco with a doctor before performing a surgery as part of his argument as to why it should remain illegal. Thats some of the shittiest logic I've ever seen in my life. Any responsible, marijuana using doctor would wait until after performing a surgery to smoke, just as any responsible doctor who indulges in the occasional use of alcohol would wait until after a surgery to have a drink. With so many people in this country who are so stupid, its a wonder that the legalization movement has come this far.
  8. It's a non-sequitur (possibly a straw man as well). The guy has absolutely no idea how to logically argue, so attempting to change his mind is like trying to convince someone who is piss drunk to not try to drive home. You're arguing with logic against illogicality, just stop wasting your time with em.
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    Those were my thoughts exactly mpk! yeah you're right zpyro....i mainly posted some of that stuff only for other open minded people to see. thanks everyone 4 responding.
  10. tobacco= chemicals

    pot= AL NATURAL
  11. Both of those statements are just as ignorant/gross generalizations as what the anti-pot guy says. Tobacco, the plant itself, is just as "AL (sic) NATURAL" (who's Al?) as cannabis. Tobacco companies add shit to it, but not ALL companies do. On the other hand, some people add shit to their bud and/or don't flush, so the bud has chemicals in it too.
  12. Al natural... It's spanish dude. A(of) el(the) natural(obvious?)

    In spanish a + el -> al
    a + la -> a la

    So literally it means Of the nature, but that's pretty much the equivalent of natural.

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