Wow, Ive never been this fucked up

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I got an assload of 60mg morphines from the hospital for my broken arm. I took 4 of em, was supposed to take one. Been smoking since I woke up today at 12, and Im goneeeeeee, NEVER ever been this messed up in my whole life man. Im sitting sideways typing this shit :D
  2. I'm also pretty fucked up alwell.
    good to see some of the....
    i forgot what i was saying, but anyways
    TOKE ON!
  3. i think 240mg of morphine is pretty close to a lethal dose

    IMO morphine pills suck ive taken 150mg and i was barely even buzzed(didnt notice a buzz), 30mg of oxy gives me a better buzz then shitty ass morphine pills, IV morphine is a different story tho
  4. Sometimes, it all boils down to the person, and their body chemistry. Both fuck me up, though I prefer Oxy, unless its a patch, which is my fav.

    But Ive only had them when I had surgery on my hand.
  5. Very well could be near lethal. But I caint even see straight im typin off pure keyboard knowlege. If I dont respond back no more yall know I bit the bullet :D
  6. IV morphine is fucking awesome:hello:
  7. can i have your kidney cadaver, if you do/are die/dead ?
  8. boosh you need to change that avatar back man,,,,,,, get me used to one,, and you change it,,,,,, :D
  9. You want the bob marley?

    Im still alive, bitches! :D

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