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Wow... it's way too much now.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Synthos420, May 19, 2010.

  1. I am in no way trying to show off how much I smoke or anything along those lines, I do not believe smoking weed is a contest.

    I have been an avid smoker for 4 years now, my first 6 months were pretty slow; smokin mids outta the bong and the occasional splurge on huge blunts. Then I started smoking chronic, dank, whatever it needs to be called. I spend anywhere from 300-400 a week on consumption. In grams? That's probably around an O and a half week. And it's been that way for almost 3 years now...

    So my problem is, I'm just not motivated to quit. I know I should, because being high just feels like normal life at this point, so when I'm sober it's just like... Idk, kinda like I'm not used to being sober lol. The amount of money this would save me is ridiculous, and I know I can do it, but I need confirmation that it wont be in vain from some more experienced tokers.

    I want to quit for 3-4 weeks. I plan on smoking quite a bit tonight, and starting clean in the morning. What I would like to know is will 3-4 weeks suffice for a significant lowering of my tolerance?

  2. Seriously. I may not be on the same level as you... however, I know how you feel. Being sober isn't... it just doesn't seem to suit me. I smoke about three blunts a day with bowl hits through out as well. About 3-5grams a day. I started selling so I wouldn't have to buy it anymore (being a girl helps too with guys smoking me out haha:smoke:).

    One week does it for me. After one week, the first two days my highs felt like my first ones all the way back then. :smoke:

    I've never tried 3-4 weeks... seems interesting.
  3. Oh btw, I'm 6'3 and 180lbs. I know it matters lol.

    Thanks for the input CPT
  4. hold off smoking as long as you can during the day and have a joint + 1 -2 .3 bowls. keep your mind busy, I find that sometimes you can get distracted and forget about smoking for an hour or two easily.

    3-4 weeks is great even 1-2 weeks will produce results.
  5. I would just take a 2 week break and then start smoking again, but making sure you regulate as much as possible. Dont let your life revolve around weed, Let weed revolve around your life. Being able to regulate weed makes me a seasoned toker who knows I have a 40 hour + week of work. I have to be clearminded to pay bills, go to work, and do errands, but I can get high at times when I dont have anything to do, and its a luxury, not a neccessity. Too much of anything is bad sometimes.

    Unless you have literally been smoking so much and now you can completely fully function high all day while paying bills, driving, going to work, having fun.
  6. it could just be your style of smokin. your either always chasin the next level of high, or it could be you have some oral fixation and you should just have a tootsie-pop next time you want to smoke

    my real question is what kind of job do you have where you can spend that much a week on weed and where do i sign up?

  7. I too want to know what job nets $1600 a month of spendable weed money, and you be completely blitzed all day doing your work
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    I can function %100 efficiently when I'm high, if anything I'm more active when I'm high. All I wanna do is sit and do nothing when I'm sober. I really shouldnt have sold my xbox =[

    And I like the ideas, at first I was thinking of just slowing down, and I tried to do that. But I noticed that a .2 or .3 bowl didnt do much for me unless it was the first of the day. Then I figured I like going big when I smoke cause I smoke to get completely obliterated, and some people may judge that bad or something, but w/e. So I'm only looking to lower my tolerance to save a bit of money and be able to get higher off a gram instead of 2. =/
  9. I recommend you ease your way out of that if you can actually stick to it, because going cold turkey from an O and a half per week is gonna suck balls.
  10. Isn't it all more worth it though? I mean cold turkey would be a complete shock to my system, and then once I got used to being sober for a day or two I'm sure I could go with it from there.
  11. #11 sikander, May 19, 2010
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    I haven't found that it really works like that. I went from like a gram a day (so 7 grams a week, maybe an ounce a month?) to nothing cold turkey and I felt like HELL for several weeks.

    Your brain has stopped synthesizing endocannabinoids and is relying on your constant input of external cannabinoids for full and proper functioning. If you just stop all at once you're gonna hate life for a few weeks while your brain chemistry adjusts to the change. You could do it but if you're not on a strict timeline or unless you don't think you have the self-control then I don't think there's any reason to go cold turkey.

    You could do a sharp dropoff, like go from 1.5 ounces per week to just one for a couple weeks and adjust to that, then go down a half per week, etc.
  12. See, I've researched all of the chemical information behind how the body stores and processes THC.. But I've quit before on a smaller scale, maybe a year back due to just being out, from almost the same amount and my desire to smoke was almost completely gone by the end of day 3 of soberness. Without knowing I was getting any, I got some on day 4 and decided not to smoke it, just cause I wanted to go a week. After that week was over it was an amazing high compared to what I remembered a week before. I guess I'm just a very strong willed person on the inside, and so I process differently or something? Idk that's the only theory I have, anyone else...?
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    Well, a lot of people have a rough time of the first couple weeks. Irritability, melancholy, insomnia, all that fun stuff. And it isn't so much not having the willpower to stay quit, it's the experience of your body adjusting. I didn't have a problem not smoking when I quit, I just didn't enjoy it was all. Tapering off softens it for me.

    Nothing trumps empirical evidence on the ground though. If you find that you can just stop then go for it.

    EDIT: and to answer your original question, yeah, a month will definitely lower your tolerance noticeably! Go for it!
  14. Thats just too much weed. Its over the point of recreation or medication.

    That sounds like you have an addictive personality maybe.
  15. Yea I have an addictive personality, but what I'm saying is I know how to control it.

    And @sik: Yea I get that, that's pretty much gone after 3-4 days though lol. And thanks I probably will!

  16. I don't think 1oz/week is a very good example of control, especially since you're here asking for advice on a t break. If you can stop like you're claiming, then I eat my words.

    And to your original question, it takes about 30 days for enough THC to leave your system to the point it doesn't show up on drug screenings, so 4 weeks would be more than enough to give you a 'noticeable difference'. Two weeks will be enough to cut your tolerance quite a bit (half? just a guess).
  17. #17 EdgarOregon100, May 19, 2010
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    I wouldn't say you should stop smoking altogether, though you definitely might want to cut back...$400 a week? Holy sheeeit. Try to reduce the amount (and therefore the price) of your weed habit by at least half of that, if not more.

    In my strictly personal opinion, I can't see how 1 person can consume much more than a half-ounce in an average week to themselves.

    Also, get a vape. They rock. Save you money by using less weed to get high, and they are also healthier. Vaporizer hits through the bong are especially amazing. :D
  18. Well, my wife smokes off my bag, but she only smokes a blunt or two throughout the whole day. I roll a LOT of blunts. 5+ a day, mostly ranging 1g+. Then I smoke bowls/rips throughout the day on random occasions when I chill with friends.

    Yea, no. I wouldn't relate the amounts I smoke to how much I have it under control. You can stay wrecked 24/7 all day every day as long as you can operate at work/school and get your shit done. And I guess not offend anyone in the process, no one really gets offended down here lol.
  19. Honestly, It sounds like you have a bit of a problem. Maybe more than a bit.

    Ill smoke two bowls for a whole day, dont smoke the next day or 2, then smoke another 2 bowls. Rinise and repeat, thats how you gotta do it.

    Weed will medicate you even if youre not smoking, or else they wouldnt find it days after smoking.

    I recommend switching to sativa, getting a vap, and limiting to only buying 200 dollars worth, or less.

    And who is paying for all the weed exactly? and what is letting you afford that if so?
  20. Grow your own.

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