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Wow its really quiet here in the City today

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Whats everyone up to? How was everyones New Years Eve? Any crazy stories? Hope everyone who was here before 04 is here now too. Gimmie some crazy events guys, I slacked last night... no party for me :( kinda depressed
  2. i think everybody on there hang over today..I know Sid
  3. There is several people running around the city with hang overs...

    I'm glad I'm not one of them.. I have never had a hang over!
  4. I went to the show my boyfriend played last night. It was very strange and sad without Scott, but they managed to put on a decent show.. They had to learn a buttload of new songs with a new guitar player in three practices.

    On the bright side, they assumed I was 21 since I was there so they served me champagne at midnight. And another bonus, band members get free drinks, so I got three fuzzy navels for free. Kick ass.
  5. sounds like fun... i would be havin a hangover today... if i still drank. I'd rather just smoke my weed :) but i cant even do that now cuz i dont have any!!! OH NO!! :p ah well, all the higher next time right?
  6. got drunk off of fuzzy navels (woo hempress) and jd (straight from the bottle) last night. then smoked a choco blunt. then some more alcohol. woke up next to the girl i love. and not even the slightest hangover. about to go pick up 2 g's of kb to share with all the stoners around here tonight. what a wonderful day to be free. happy 04!
  7. hehe share some this way :p
  8. Watched movies with my girlfriend and drank a few beers.

    It was weird I didn't really feel like pushing my self to the limits like normal. Didn't even smoke.
  9. man u guys r lucky i didnt do anything.... it was hella depressing i wanted to spend new years eve with my gurl :(
  10. Yeah man i feel you... i didnt wanna really party either. N I can only wish i had a girl (well that i could find one worth havin) to spend it with

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