wow,it's hot

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  1. just wondered if anyone else was in this 105+ degree part of the country, and growing outdoors. we are 38 days in a row above 100 and 51 days this summer above 100. plants are wigging out in this heat. if you ever wondered how hot was too hot..let me assure you, this is too hot.
  2. uhhhh wrong section, its over 100 in literally almost half of the world every day during their summer,

    its 69 in my house. i <3 my central A/C unit
  3. Yeah, it hit 115 here the other day. It's rained once since may, its fucking miserable
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    Why the fuck is this in marijuana news?

    Edit- whatever, its 88 right now

  5. lol srsly

    109*f atm. 110+ here till October.

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