was the weed all along

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  1. Heh, I never seem to stop underestimating the ability of weed...

    Way back in the day, I tried mushrooms. Only 1.8 grams, and I tripped like MAD. I could never figure out why, because since then I've done 3.5, 5, and 9 gram trips, and yet I never tripped as inense as the initial one.

    Well last night I found out why. It wasn't even the shrooms that I was getting this intense trip from! I'm sure they helped and all, but in the end it was weed that was making me trip like this.

    How did I find out. Well I quit weed for 3 days, and last night decided I was gonna blaze a 5 peice (which is a lot more than I usually blaze in a sesh). And WOW. The second I put the bong down I thought there was salvia in the weed. I got some closed eye visuals, which hasn't happened to me on weed in at least a year, and then I actually started to trip.

    Unvolountarally my face got an extremely shocked look on it's face. My mouth opened as wide as it could (to the point where it hurt), and my eyes were wide open. The pressure from the middle of my face outwards was so huge that my face began to melt outwards. I can't explain it any better than 'melting', but just imagine the skin on your face turning into a very viscous fluid and flowing down the sides of your head. Thats pretty much what it felt like.

    So at this point I was pretty excitied. This is the kind of thing I look for in a drug experience, but never have I looked for it soley in weed. By this point my face had stretched out and essentially 'became' all the sources of light in my room.

    I was trying to think of what drugs I've done recently that could have been brought back by smoking weed, but then I remembered I haven't done anything other than weed for like...2 months, not even alcohol!

    This is pretty much proof that the weed did this alone, and with blazing only about 7 1-hit bowls, I actually started to trip. Then for about 5 minutes I traveled between parallell universes (another thing that happened on the first shroom trip which I can't really explain) and then I got into a regular high, and munched out like nothin else. I was too high all night to even sleep, even though I was extremely burnt out.

    I've been blazing for a good while now and weed never ceases to amaze me. And wow, it's amazing what quitting for a few days can do.

    Thanks for reading and happy toking!
  2. i wish weed was that powerful..
  3. Well it is...unless I'm missing something, there were no other factors that could have resulted in me tripping out so hard. This weed isn't laced (I've smoked it before - and it's the most common weed in my town), and I only smoked about .25 grams out of a cheap pop bottle pipe.

    This is the second highest I've ever got on weed alone, and I've been blazing daily (with a few exceptions) since October, and blazed weekly for over a year before that, and still I manage to have a high like that. So I dunno, weed can be surprising.
  4. might oughtta switch dealers lol...
  5. If you knew anything about'd know that when your trippin on shrooms weed wont have any affect at all. Maybe when you're coming down it will make you more chill but during the trip..nothing.
  6. Weed definately has an effect on the shroom trip. It helped kick the trip in the first time, and since then weed always boosts my trip. I know enough about shrooms, and thought it was common knowledge that weed boosts the trip. I don't think I've ever done a drug in which weed hasn't boosted the effects, except maybe dramamine.
  7. Maybe for you. Weed has a noticeable on my trips, especially when I'm coming down it will bump me back up to the point I was at an hour or so before. The first time I tripped everyone I talked to told me if I wanted to do it right, I should smoke when the trip starts, and smoke again once I started to come down.
  8. ^^^^^

    Then I guess you've never done acid...because weed has no effect. Same with shrooms.
  9. You're right, I havent tripped on acid. I was refering to shrooms, I guess I should have clarified. That doesn't change the fact that when I smoke during a shroom trip, it noticably enhances the effects.
  10. Yeah I agree.
  11. Dude, yeah closed eye visuals happen with weed, but there's gotta be something else, you just don't vividly hallucinate on such a small amount. Unless I misread it and the travelling between parallel universes was closed-eye, in which case, thats awesome.
  12. The one thing I like about weed and shrooms together is that shrooms dont taste that bad when you have munchies :D . When I smoked weed after I had shrooms it helped me relax.
  13. i can gaurentee you, with 100% certainity..... marijuana is not the sole cause you of tripping more intensely off 1.8gs of shrooms than 9 grams.. 9 grams?! thats fucking intense... 9 grams is like when you hear about some kid who took a shitload of shrooms and ended up like 3 states away from his hometown when he's finally comin down... lol..... were the shrooms dried? or wet? maybe you just got incredily incredibly crappy ass shrooms for the 5g and 9g trips..... and really really good ones for the 1.8g... but theres no way pot made the difference between a 1.8g trip and a 9g trp... ive never done 9gs... never will probaly.. lol that would be too intense for me
  14. .I've "tripped" off weed before, but I haven't traveled parallel universes. There is some doubt in my mind towards your story, im not trying to discredit you but it sounds unlikely.
  15. Well I don't mean that literally, it's just the best way I can describe the feeling. I'll go into a bit more detail so maybe it'll sound a little less far fetched.

    Well when I did the 1.8 gram trip, I concluded that within each particle of matter in this universe, contains an exact replica of the universe, except of coarse much smaller. And this universe it's self is within a particle on another replica of this universe. And this goes infinately both ways (within each particle there is a universe, and in each particle in that universe there's another universe, and we are in particle of another universe which is in a particle of another universe). Now on shrooms I travelled into the universe of any particle I chose, I can't describe what this feels like, but it's essentially like my concious is being transferred. Of coarse, all these universes are exact in every way, so even though I'm going into another universe, it feels exactly the same as this one.

    With shrooms I was able to travel inward (into smaller and smaller universes), but last night I was able to travel outwards, into universes much bigger (although they feel the exact same) then the ones I was previously in. Of coarse, I know none of this is true, but this essentially what if feels like, and shroom logic came up with that crazy theory to back it up. Maybe now that I've explained it more I'll seem even more like I'm BSing, but hopefully not.

    And by the way, in regards to the potency of the shrooms, the ones that I tripped with 1.8 grams were the same that I tripped with 9 grams. As I said, I tripped harder on the 1.8 g trip than on the 9 g trip, but I was definately more messed up on the 9 gram trip. Everything was fine untill I saw a South Park episode where the guys (the kids) were having periods or something, and then I was convinced I missed something in sex ed, and there was something wrong with me. Then I just curled up into a ball and tried to name every single person I've ever met. So yeah, I was more messed with 9 grams but it still wasn't more of a trip.

    And this weed is definately not laced, at first I thought there was some salvia in it, but I remembered it was just a solid nug. And this weed is all over my town, if it was laced, I would know about it.
  16. "As I said, I tripped harder on the 1.8 g trip than on the 9 g trip, but I was definately more messed up on the 9 gram trip."

    that right there.... what the hell does that mean? you tripped hrader on 1.8g... but you were more messed up from the 9 gram one?! thats extremly contradictory... :confused: :confused: :confused: i dunno...
  17. Well there's a difference between tripping and being messed up. Like, if I'm extremely drunk I would consider myself more messed up then when I'm shrooming, but obviously your tripping harder on the shrooms.

    I guess my definition of tripping is seeing/hearing/feeling weird things, and being messed up is more of a mental thing. On the 1.8 gram trip I could think clear yet I tripped really hard, and on the 9 gram trip my thought process was a mess yet I wasn't tripping as hard.

    I hope that clears it up a bit.

  18. Sure does. Sounds like you've never taken such a big dosage of mushrooms before.
  19. You don't have to beleive me, but why would I lie? Some people are seeming rather ignorant to the fact that drugs react differently with different why would I lie about this? I'm not telling this story to sound cool, I was just sharing it because I find the whole thing interesting. If it isn't a little bit unbeleiveable then why would I bother posting it at all?

    Edit - Oh wait are you just saying that that must have been my first time doing a dose that big? I think I might have misunderstood..
  20. Agreed. I get closed-eye visuals all the time after a few bong hits. The catch is, is that in a way they aren't really hallucinations. It's just my mind taking a faint image of something i looked/looking at and distorting it so much that i think its something else. i usually just close my eyes then open them very slightly, like open them up about the height of a single hair, and then squint, and if im high enough, whatever little i see usually gets distorted so much that i start thinking the other side of my room is say, a jungle that im looking onto. so yeah, basically hallucinations but you need something to "start" them, as opposed to acid/shrooms where shit can just pop up (i hear).

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