Wow, I'm wrecked!

Discussion in 'General' started by BNelley24, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. 3 10 mg Oxycodone, shot liquor, and a hookah all night. Let me tell you...This is pushing it a bit maybe, but I feel like heaven. Too bad I'm itching all over, but it still feels good!:hello:
  2. hahaha
    weed is good :)
  3. same thing happend to me when I took oxycodone. Shits some good stuff though:D
  4. Just woke up for class...I was itching horrible all night and still am lol...Time to take a shower :wave:
  5. I love oxycodones... last night i ate 4 watson tabs, about 4 bowls, and around 10 shots later I found myself at home... don't know quiet how I got back but I made it:D
  6. yea dude, oxy's make me itch like crazy, i shotup 80mg's 2 nights ago and i didnt sleep the whole night cuz i kept gettin itches everywhere, its pretty lame when ur on a drug that makes you nod off and u cant sleep
  7. it almost sounds like its not even enjoyable for the pricethey come at.
  8. Nah it is, they just have too much tolerance..

    I mean one 80 has me good and fucked up for awhile.. but that shit is rareeee for me
  9. never done oxy have fun man!
  10. Took one before Calculus today. Wow it was awesome. It's like I'm in love with everything, even math! The one problem is the itchiness is still horrible. Like it won't stop LOL...Do you think if I pop a benadryl for the itch I'd be alright? I don't see a problem with it...

    I <3 Oxycodone :devious:
  11. railing contin is fun.

  12. Na man. Once you get itchy your fucked up enough not to care. Pain pills are definitly great. MMmm euphoria:smoke:

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