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  1. I was sitting with my grandfather watching pearl harbor and we constantly talk bout weed but he has never had anything to do with it being in the military most of his life and being a total straight edge. So we were sitting there and I was telling him about dispensaries and how both of us could get med. cards cause we both have legit medical probelms (will explain at bottem) and I expected him to laugh at me and say no way. He looked dead in my eyes and said "I wouldnt smoke pot but if there was another way to take it I most certainly would"...and all I could do was say wow...

    so im thinking of growing cause I personally dont want to have anything to do with the dispence. places cause my friend got a knock on his door from the dea after getting his med card and I dont my grandfather to go through that.


    I have factor 5 leiden which is a slight gene mutation making me more susceptible to blood clots (I have 1 in my leg that has been in my vein since I was born) and my doctor explained how the high heart rate will cause my blood to flow faster not making it clot as easily..but she still dosent want me doing it :rolleyes:

    my grandfather has a degenerative spine with herniated disks which means whenever he stands up he is in horrible pain. No pain killers work he has tried everything from vicodin to oxy. so weed is his only option. his doctors are puzzled that hes still walking cause he is 93 and he should have been a cripple by 70

  2. buy him a vape, man
  3. I'd say go with food.

    It's more expensive in the long run since it requires more weed but if he can't smoke it, eat it?
  4. buy a $50 vape or some shit, it's the best way

    eating is also good but i recommend the vape

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