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Wow, I'm pretty green...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TMITK, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Okay, so this is a true story, not saying it was a trip or not, but I was fucking baked.

    So I haven't been smoking that long, and I didn't really know my limits, but anyway. I can't smoke in my room because my roommates hate the smell, and I can't adequately suppress the smell. I just smoke with my buds now. So, one time, I'm hanging with some stoners, and they had already smoked a bunch earlier, so they weren't going for another social just yet, and I wanted to have some herb before I went to bed, it was like around 10:00 p.m. and I ask if I can smoke some in their bathroom before I go to my room. I, not knowing my limit, load a bowl of medical shit with kief sprinkled on top, and smoke a bowl, think to myself, "did I do it wrong, I feel normal."

    So I load another bowl, again with kief. I bring the smoke up to the top of the mouthpiece on my 16inch high bong). Right as i'm ready to inhale I think, "Whoa, I had more than enough, I am baked. Then I decide I should just inhale and not waste the good stuff, so I rip it. In total, I had big bowl and a big rip (6 times clearing the bong) in ten minutes, and I was toasted. Right when I left the bathroom, I think to myself that this was a mistake.

    I go home, and after 2-3 minutes, I get extremely claustrophobic (first time ever dealing with claustrophobic experiences. I run back to that dorm and chill with them. That night, I tried playing Modern Warefare 2, however I couldn't move two thumbsticks at once, and I just quit. That night, saw the room as if I were looking through broken glass, however each shard of glass looked as though you were looking at the room through a different angle, and I though for a while that I was insane(time didn't exist at this point, so I can't say how long this lasted).

    I don't know exactly what happened, and while I heard you can not trip, I did hallucinate this. I know the herb was not laced as the rest of the eighth didn't have this effect, it was probably just too much at once, a lack of food, as I hadn't eaten for a while and when I had some ramen, the effect was decreased, and the fact that I was really exhausted.
  2. werd. you were just really stoned my man. lmao. and you said it was medical with keif? and a bowl to yourself? in a 16 inch bong? yeah id say you smoked a little too much, of course its never too much. but if you feel like you get too high just beware of how big the hits your taking are.
  3. Yea man, I'm definitely watching the amount I consume, I don't wanna feel paranoid like that again, it was an interesting experience for sure.
  4. do you all share a whole bowl between people? me and my mates along with all the people i know weather it be a pipe or bong we just smoke the bowl, pass it to the next person and they pack thiers.
  5. OP, there are strains which are kind of delayed reaction in hitting. In my day we called this creeper weed. When smoking a new strain, sometimes its smart to wait for ten or fifteen minutes in between bowls, blunts or joints. That way you can tell if its gonna creep up on you and smack you hard.
  6. Creeper weed, well, thanks for the advice man.
  7. You smoked alot, and got pretty high. It's fun isn't it? :smoke:
  8. I love when that happens, one time I was smoking mad bowls like non-stop one after another. I didn't feel anything for like 20 minutes, and sitting on the couch it hit me, it hit me hard right to the head. I was retarded for probably 5 hours.

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