Wow I think its almost been a year, i knew yáll would still be around

Discussion in 'General' started by XxJWxX, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. God how long has it been now. For those of you who dont know me ( probably 99.9 % ), my name is John. I been posting here for a while now, but kind of drifted away after moving to Thailand a little over a year now. I used to be one of the everyday posters, might have been an every hourlly poster at times. Kept the city up to date with a few pictures and stuff when i first got here to thailand but wasnt too dedicated after a while. Anyways its good to be back, missed ya'll a lot.

    Nothing else is happenin, im 19 years old now, dont know how old I told ya'll I was last time, I think it was 20 sumthin or other :). But anyways my girlfriend is now a month pregnant. I'm in love. I just got back from Cambodia a couple hours ago exhausted so im havin a few beers at an internet cafe over here and then headin out to a couple bars later. Nothing much else is happening, I just thought i''d try and get back into the family over here. Ya'll always been there for me and I look forward to returnin the favor.

    I was previously jumped over here by a few transvestites (they e call them katooeys here in thailand. Took my digital camera along with my wallet so I wont be postin pics for a while. By the way about 10 percent of the thai population is either gay or a transvestite. This is the biggest gay populated country in the world. And transvestites (Shemales, HeShe's, Chicks with dicks) are a normal everyday sighting. Most of them working as prostitutes, bangkok is also has the most prostitutes and bars than in any other country so as you can imagine it gets dangerous here at times with crazy drunk thai men and foreigners who are too drunk to know whats goin on. Been in a few fights actually, its a rough place over here. Most thai men hate foreigners because for one we have money, and two all the thai women go for us instead of the locals which would piss me off as well if I were a thai man, but this has of course caused me to defend myself more than a few times while over here. The transvestite fight for example happened because i was walking down khaoson road, a notorious nightlife street over here and some ladyboy grabs my cock. I did the worst thing you could possibly do by calling her a fag and pushing her (him) into a wall. All of a sudden the whole gang of her (his) ladyboy friends are kicking the shit out of me with planks of wood and pool cues and what not. Other than that i've had alcohol poisoning off of drinking thai whiskey, which has amphetamines in it, which has pretty much killed my liver. So now im just down to Beer, and the occasional whiskey or cocktails.

    Anyways I got lots of stories to tell ya'll about later. I miss my home California and cant wait to go back for a visit. Take care and smoke one for me ya'll, PEACE
  2. Why are you in Thailand?
  3. Moved over here after getting locked up for a bit back home. Father lives near by me as well just North, he makes movies and shit in asia and thats the kind of business I wanna get into as well so I figure this is the best place to be right now.
  4. holy shit dude, i would never be able to live in a place like that...

    good luck with that liver of yours, and carry some brass knuckles or something, damn...
  5. welcome back friend :hello:

    Sounds like ya got to do a bit of living in the real world :D

    l look forward to a few more "Tails from Thailand"

    great to hear from ya.
  6. omg...

    glad to hear you survived the

    :wave: hello, welcome back to grasscity
  7. hey good to see ya back, i remember ya too..........yeah i've been told off of a few mates that Thailand is wild like that, watched a few programmes about it they save up, and get a sex change, and send money back home...........due to this they seemingly have one of the worlds best gender sex surgeons..............weird stuff, take care out there...........what was cambodia like, i was thinking of visiting neighbouring Vietnam............Peace out.........Sid
  8. yay im a part of the probably .1% :)
    nice stories, good luck with your baby! and liver! and cock grabbin strangers! hope you get a camera clickin again. glad to see yea around again :)
  9. i remember you posting from last summer.. hehehe.. smoke on!
  10. good to hear from you, welcome back and watch yer asshole! :D
  11. yea i better watch my ass, (literally), got in a fight today with a guy about 30 something. Boyfriend, and father of my very good friends baby over here. He's a huge dickhead. My good friend sent my girlfriend home at about 11 o clock tonight here. two hours later this guy is saying that I owe his girlfrieng (my good friend) 10,000 baht ( about 250 dollars ) for taking my girlfriend home. He eventually comes after me and ends up on the ground with a bloody nose and bit of a bloody lip. Fighting is not something I enjoy but is something I do very much over here for some reason. Dont know why, but being an American, and having the majority over here hating Americans because of whats going on in Iraq, I can see why they hate most of us, just dont know why they have to take it out on people like me...
  12. It's good to see ya back at the city..

    Because they can't fight us here.. You are with in reach and to them, must pay for the rest of us...

    Becarefull over there..
  13. good to hear of your tales jw. i dont post or visit grasscity nearly as much a i used to either now. a good thing really, but it does mean i miss out on what everyone is upto.
    my old friend/next door neighbour came back for a visit for a little while a few weeks ago, he'd been in thailand for a while a couple years back and is probably there again right now. certainly he had many great stories too. ever been to a full moon party? my friend is English, but says he's scottish when over there (since he's lived alot of his life in scotland) as it saves him alot of hassle. maybe you could try getting away with saying you are canadian. :D

    its a real pity there are so many people the world over that struggle to see beyond nationality.
  14. hah good to see ya back bud!

    smoke any thai stick?? is that even from thailand?? i here its some good shit. my buds cousin is over there right now, says hes havin the time of his life.

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