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  1. It all started when I was driving over to my friends house to get my scale that I had left with him. It was me and this kid named "Greg", so we hotboxed a joint in my car and were on our way. We got almost to his house and we drove by a Q.T. Gas station infront of their neighboor hood and theres a cop sitting there. So I drove about 100 yards and i look up and hes behind me. Well it all went downhill when i tried to pull into a parking spot with a terrible angle and i basically went in completely sideways and over the curb, right then I new i was fucked.

    So he comes up to me and asks me if I was drunk first, then he tried helping me by explaning to me how to park and i completely fucked that up. So after i do that he asks me where the weeds at. First i told him i didn't have any but he goes " Dont fucking lie to me i can smell it in your car, where is it." So i then proceeded to pull out about a gram or two from what I had laft over from an ounce. Then he takes me outa the car asks for my I.D. and allthat went through my phone n shit. At this point I thought for sure I was going to jail, but then he asked me and my friend if what I gave him was all i had and we told him that it was all we had on us and I had a pipe and some rolling papers in the car.

    So he goes into my car asks me where they were and I told him and he takes em all out and puts them on my car, then what he said was the best part of my night, "If this is all the weed you guys have on you Im not taking you to jail." Right when he said that me and my friend weere just like ya theres no more left in the car we swear officer n shit, and there really wasnt, so he kinda half ass looked around my car and comes back out and kept saying that he knows theres more weed in the car. I kept telling him no but he wouldnt listen so I ended up explaining to him that the reason it smelt so bad was because we had just domed out the car, which led to me explaining what doming out was. I guess that convinced him so he proceeded to take my weed, pipe, papers, rolliing machine and told me that he knows where I live, knows where I work(I ended up telling him that when we were talking) and anytime he ever see's my car he going to pull me over and tear my car apart.

    Cliffnotes: got pulled over after doming out, cop took weed, pipe, papers, told me hes pulling me over and searching me everytime he sees my car again, then he let me go.
  2. never should have pulled out the weed,5th amendment man.
  3. We had just domed out my car like 10 minutes before that and I could smell it to so I figured im getting searched anyways I might as well just give it to him.
  4. to the person above, he had to because the cop had probable cause and could have searched anyway, so might as well give it up. But damn man, drive safer next time.
  5. I was driving fine, its just the parking lol
  6. If I was high and heard a police officer ask you to define "doming out" I would probably explode into laughter
  7. Ya it was pretty funny trying to explain it to him, and I have a Xenon phone and its touchscreen so I had to explain to him how to use it cause he wanted to look at my pictures.
  8. Why would u try to get into a difficult parking spot.. while high aaaaand with a cop on your tail? I would have kept driving into some place with a parking lot so I don't have to parallel park or whatever u had to do.
  9. Why did you give him the weed. Smell alone isn't enough for probable cause. Plus, if he pulls you over and tears your car apart, it is profiling, that could get him in some trouble.

  10. Smell alone IS probable cause..
  11. Cops don't need shit....they can do what they want when they want.

    Have we forgotten about how America has changed since 9/11?!?!

    Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001
  12. smell is all they need to rightfully search your car. im glad YOU didnt get pulled over my friend
  13. Thats prolly what I should have done but I was high and pretty nervous so that didn't help
  14. i love the hard-asses on this website who are always like NEVER LET HIM SEARCH YOUR CAR MAN. like some 18 year old kid sitting there saying no is gonna stop them hahah
  15. It will stop them, They cannot search your car without probably cause.
  16. wow...the ignorance in this thread is amazing...OP did the right thing by handing over his weed....the cop would have ripped his fuckin car to pieces, found his weed, been pissed that OP lied about having weed and only made the situation much worse for himself...good job OP you did the correct thing.
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    I'm not sure what state ur from, and how shit works where ur at, but where I'm at, it would have went like this:

    Cop gets behind me
    I dont fuck up my parking job - That's where he got you.
    And I tell him "Excuse me, officer. I have some shopping to do. So unless you have a warrant, you'll have to excuse me. I'm in a hurry".

    You gave him probable cause by fucking up parking. If you didnt fuck anything up, and all he did was smell it, he couldn't do shit. That's only reasonable suspicion. This actually all just happened to me recently, 2 oz's of Dro in the trunk, omw back on the interstate.

    Drove right off smiling. Thank god for Cruise Control;)

    No hate tho, at least you got away. Don't let that cat see you again tho lol :smoke:

    EDIT: **I just read some of the other posts saying Smell is probable cause. You are wrong. You could have smoked in your car the night before, or earlier in the day. I've been pulled over a couple times, but telling the officer I know my rights and he needs a warrant always works. At least where I live, lol. I don't know bout yall, but I guess Im just luck =)
  18. Wait a minute, why did the cop want to look through the pictures on your cellphone? This seems like a total invasion of privacy to me.
  19. Who's right? ZombieShroom or everyone else?

    Every time im on this forum I always hear different stories about the law. Is smell probable cause or not?
  20. idk man, but in PA (where I'm from), I've been in a few sticky situations with havin lots of dro, really bad smell, and pulling the "you need a warrant" card and gettin away. But thats just my personal expirience. I never sat down and looked at a law book. But my one homie took some law classes last semester and has told me that smell is "reasonable suspicion" and not probable cause. I could be wrong, but I got away :D

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