Wow i just got done dirty...

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  1. So yesterday my girl picks me up to specifically have sex... Like I knew it was coming... So after were done doing our thing I ask what she wants to do. She replies "Just go home." Im like wtf??? Ur just going to drop my back off and go home? And this was the case.

    I can't believe that just happened to me haha. I dont know if I should be pissed or not? Like I got laid, but then I can't even chill with my girl after?
  2. thats what happens when you have a small!!!

    wait.. .thatss lame, atleast you dont have to listen to a nagging chick
  3. ahahahahahaha :)
  4. most men want this. :smoke:
  5. Sounds like she really likes you.
  6. Yeesh.

    Friends with benefits? Sure, I get it.

    Girlfriend? Umm... not so much, Amigo.

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    I don't see what you're complaining about, this whole post benefits you. :confused_2:

    ...unless the reason you were sent home is because you didn't satisfy her :eek:
  8. I remember you. Where's the motorcycle sig?
  9. Dude... that is a blessing to have a girl who just wants no-strings-attached sex without all the mushy cuddling and talking afterwards, you should feel lucky!! :yay:
  10. Dude, if it's the first time this has happened, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Don't read so much into it. For all you know, your girl just won a bet.:D

    Yeah, I can just hear girls sitting around scheming some bullshit like this up too..."I dare you to totally treat your man like a bitch...Oh, I know! I know! Bring him over for sex, and then kick him to the curb!" LOL

    Now, if it happens again, or really bothers you, then maybe you should figure out WTF is up...
  11. lmfao
  12. maybe she thought u were bored....
  13. oh no, you didn't get fucked?! you're fucked dude
  14. I would love that lol. I hate when I fuck a bitch then she gets clingy. Shit is annoying.
  15. Haha im actually really indifferent on the situation...

    We're pretty much bf/gf... just no title? I like to say its not "facebook official" when someone ask. I mean we hangout a lot, not always for sex. We don't mess with other people... so shes like my girlfriend.

    First time it has happened... Im just so shocked haha. Like I said this is sweet, but at the same time she straight hoed me for the day!

    I told her it was kinda hot haha. I thinks he did it on purpose cuz she just keeps laughing about it.

    And for whoever asked about my bike... I took it off because I don't want people who actually know me to see that picture in my sig and be like "Oh yeah I know who that kid is!" The pics on my facebook ;)
  16. dude, sounds like you found a keeper. Now jus keep her from findin out bout the others and your all set. Got one myself that likes things nice n clean that way. Other suckers take her out I pick her up do my thing n bounce lol. No strings for the mother fuckin win.

  17. so what you mean to say is that she is the only pussy you currently can hold down.

    id say it is a borderline relationship. if she is comfortable enough to fuck and run like that then its like fw/b thing. but maybe she just wasnt in the mood to do anything else.

    dont dwell on it and just roll with it. you probably feel like doing that to her all the time. maybe not all the time but you have had the feeling admit it. just be cool about it and if it happens again then say ok ill see you later babe and its like whatever. you should be happy you are getting some at all.

  18. Wait wut?
  19. sounds like my dream girl.
  20. we're more then fw/b. trust me.

    Ive had a fw/b, and not even close to this. As for holding the girl down, this is true. I still cant understand why I haven't screwed this girl over yet/player her. I've had the chances, but jsut cant. I truly dig the girl.

    Oh and I did her dirty about 20 minutes ago hehe ;)

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