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wow, I had a really scary experience on ganja yesterday!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I'm running low and my mason jar contains two sacks worth of shake and unsieved kief (finer shake, more or less). So yesterday I grind a bowl's worth and load it into my bubbler, then I put a little of the finer shake on the top and spread it evenly. I smoked the whole bowl and by the end I knew I might had done a little too much because the shake made the bowl a lot more powerful and by the second puff I was feeling the effects come on stronger than usual.

    So I sat down, but then remembered I had to keep a watch on my boiling potato in the kitchen. My roomie comes in while I'm watching the potato and starts to talk to me about going to some hardware store in a couple of days and I'm all like "uh huh . . . uh huh . . ." all the while getting more and more stoned, about three minutes into the conversation I'm all like "well, that sounds fine, i'll be right back" I walk into the living room and suddenly I GO BLIND! Yep, I can't see, and I'm all like, whoa, fuck, so I stumble around for like a minute before my vision comes back slowly and I'm all like "holy shit, where's my bed" I fell down and put my head between my legs waiting for it to wear off. I picked myself up about five minutes later and felt fine, though a little shaken from being temporary blind.

    Damn, gotta be more careful from now on.
  2. Wow thats weird man, never heard of anyone going blind like that heh.

    Maybe you where really high and closed your eyes and forgot you had them closed? :D

    Either way, good to see that your vision is good now.
  3. The first time I ever smoked me and a buddy smoked about a 1 gram blunt of some seedy schwag. On the way back to the barracks I went blind and had to stop and sit down for like 10 minutes til I could see again.

    My buddy didnt even stop to wait with me, he just kept walking and totally forgot about me til the next morning. When I got back to my room I just crashed on this couch that I found and listened to pink floyd.

    I wish I could still get that high. So I wouldn't have described your experience has scary.:smoke:
  4. I'm pretty sure that it was due to a drop in blood pressure.

    Like when you stand up too fast, and you see the sparkles

    I know a few people who have blacked out from smoking
  5. sound like you scared yourself after you lost blood pressure ( i get the blindness all the time, naturally, not from weed)
  6. and so i'm all like, wow man that sounds pretty crazy that u can just go blind...perhaps maybe u got up too quickly u kno how that can happen and maybe the MJ made it likes 5min instead of 5 seconds of that blurried vision
  7. my head feels a little wierd if i smoke a lot sitting down and then standup real fast. "i've gotten light headed and actually passed out this way one time, but ive never gone totally blind.
  8. my friend went blind when he snapped a 75% straight salvia bowl out of my roor.
    His loss of sight lasted around 5 minutes. Some funny shit, but none-the-less scary as fuck.
  9. yea that happened to me, it happened when i stood up 2 fast and only lasted like 10 seconds.. its kinda wierd tho
  10. Ive only gotten stars and dizzy feeling from standing up to fast when really ripped. Losing sight for a little bit would scare the shit out of me.
  11. The same thing happened to me once when we smoked maybe 2 bowls (standing up) between three of us. we smoked two joints between us same three the night before with no problem. No one else but me felt this way, but yea, it's pretty scary. And btw this was standing up the whole time until the blindness got real bad. then it was laying down.
  12. What weed u smokin'? I might be interested.
  13. Did that potatoe explode?
  14. i fall over all the damn time from standing up to fast after sitting for a while or layin down...usually i do kinda go blind but its really just like im looking at a giant black dot or somethin
  15. nah, when I got up five minutes later it was ready for eating. it soothed me down actually to eat after that.
  16. woah, that sounds crazy. at least it was for a few minutes...imagine how freaked out you would be if it lasted for an hour.
  17. Haha seems like you just closed your eyes by accident lol.
    But thats crazy stuff if not...
  18. nah, at first I thought I had just closed my eyes, but I blinked like seven or eight times before I realized I had lost vision. I was in the fucking middle of walking when it happened! so i don't think I had simply gotten confused . . .
  19. ahahaha I totally thought the story was going to end with an exploding potatoe and you freaking out.
  20. I just smoked some resin and a few crumbs (getting bud tonight) and thought it would be fun to stand up real fast and see if weed does make it worse. Forgot that I am in an attic and sitting under a very low slanted part of the ceiling. My fucking head hurts now. :(

    Jerks. :p

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