wow, i guess my mom really is on drugs!

Discussion in 'General' started by modern-hippy, May 20, 2006.

  1. so heres the story. My mom is so freakin psycho that me and all my friends always joke about what the fuck is she on? "shes gotta be smokin rocks or poping pills or something to be this fucked up!" this has been an on going joke for years, and now..... the truth comes out. All in all I found 7 bottles of varying types of prescription pain killers, including Hydrocodone (vicodine) and Darvocet with her name on all but one... I cant fucking believe it.... actually i can
  2. Yeah My mom is psycho and she doesn't take drugs unless you count the meds she takes for epilepsy. She thinks God tells her stuff through the holy spirit yet everything she has predicted has been wrong you'd think she'd catch on.
  3. ha....................ha, maybe shes a dealer too
  4. tell her to get off the pills and offer her some weed.. god damn
  5. she probabaly isn't crazy cuz of those... killers make you real mellow happy and nice lol.
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    I'm with Mundi, get her on the green, if the pills are making her nuts the grass will settle her down... and no more pill popping :)

  7. lmao

    man thats hillarious :hello:
  8. obviously she has the pills for a reason, and if she is addicted to them, don't try to ween her off with weed because it wont work ween her off it with another pill. for instance counter vicoden with zanax..

    it will work
  9. my moms fucked up too man. she takes some shit for epilepsy. the other day she stole my 1/8 (most of it anyways) and told me that weed contained opium. i told her she was fucking retarded and to give e my shit back. well today she was in a good mood and said she would think about it. wtf dude, how does she take something for no reason, say its really bad for me, then considers giving it back?
  10. What makes you belive shes 'crazy' because of the pills she pops? Im jus curious. Could jus be shes fucking crazy period.
  11. would explain why she has pills lol.
  12. QTF
  13. amen :hello:

  14. You can get addicted to benzos also dude. Trading an addiction for an addiction is no good
  15. sounds like shes taxing that ass

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