wow i got lucky...

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  1. What a night. Me and some kids were at my local cvs pharmacy and our homie bought us 2 18 packs of coors light. We brought the brew to a spot that was pretty low profile and just started drinkin. I had about 11 0r 10 beers and everyone else hat 5 or 6. So me and my friend go skate for a lil bit and i go behind the store, drink another can and come out and there was just a pig sty outside writing up 2 of my friends and one of the cops yelled for me to sit on the curb. So here i am sitting on a curb out after my curfew, pretty drunk, and on probation about to get written up. I give them my name, age, and ask me if ive ever been arrested. I said yes sir i have for ecstasy possession a few months back and he starts laughing and asked if im on probation and i said yes. My friends all got breathalizer tests except me and they were sent home. I call my moms and she come picks me up. One of the officers has arrested me before for domestic violence and sent me to get checked into a mental hospital for anger issues and some other shit. The cops let my mom handle me and i walked out without a ticket or them filing a report to my PO. I go home, vomit a couple times, and go straight to sleep. They could have been dickheads like everyone else in the carlsbad pd and could of charged with a whole bunch of shit: drinking under age, violating probation, violating probee curfew, possession of alcohol, drunk in public etc. I could have been sent to the 'farm' (carlsbad pd) or jail. Ive gotten lucky so many times except getting busted with thizz which fuckd my life over haha. While on probation, ive been doing a bunch of drugs and toking after the drug tests, sent to a mental hospital, talked shit to my PO, passed drug tests with luck, violating curfew tons of times, and harrasing people. I dont mean to look like a hardass its just im happy as fuck and looking forward to the future. Pretty soon when i get off johnny law's iron fist (july 16) and im gonna love everybit of wat life has to offer. and hopefully, by taking care of my conditions of probation the judge set forth, i could get off formal probee and get on with my normal life with few restrictions. :hello:
  2. stop fucking up
    just something to consider

    take this as another warning and don't do dumb shit until you're at least off probation, danm

  3. Doesn't sound like your life is too normal.
  4. paragraphs bro, i cant even read that without putting my finger up to the screen and following closely

  5. lol ya
  6. not with probation....
  7. Curfew old are you again?
  8. probee curfew man... they gave me 6:00
  9. Shit that's no good. Well, you dodged a bullet.....hopefully your luck follows you up till you're off probation! :bongin:

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