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  1. Well, here comes an end to my drug filled summer, and school starts again (senior year), and now, with less than a week til the start, I'm starting to feel really depressed. I'm out of weed, and I'm just realizing how stupid the schooling system is.

    Just the monotone way they teach subjects, how they require everyone to dress the same, raise your hand to ask a question. What the fuck is this? It seems like some kind of conditioning, and the worst thing is, there's no way out. At the moment, I feel like dropping out on my last year, and just doing whatever the fuck I want, but i keep thinking that ill end up fucking flipping burgers for the rest of my life if I follow what I want to do.

    School just seems pointless, it takes away time from developing real world skills, cause the stuff we deal with in private school is a joke. I myself come from a fairly poor family, lived in an apartment since i was like 5, moved into some small houses as well, and having to deal with these rich preppy kids in their Mercedes cars, and their designer clothes is really starting to piss me off. I'm happy wearing clothes from almost anywhere, as long as I like the look, and I drive a Honda that I've had since I was 16, anyone whos been in my situation, having people look at them like they are better in some way, know how I feel.

    I just think that if I'll go back another year, ill fucking end up beating one of those motherfuckers, and get in some serious shit. And with the way my life is fucked, (real bad family issues, parents are split up, still in court about it, mom used to be an alcoholic, and tried to hide it, we constantly get in fights, and my dad doesn't really give a shit about anything, I don't know why or how he still pays the bills for school/living). I probably couldn't cope with that, and would probably do more drugs than I already do.

    So any advice? Because I don't really have the first clue of what I can do without an education, but at the same time, I feel like I cant really do school.
  2. i agree with u man, i got school full with rich people, they got audis, 06 mustangs and on, on
    all i'm goin say is stay in school, ik it way different then real world but they are tryin teach u grammer and writting, tryin get u ready for college/real world... if u want a good decent life then finish high school and go to college and learn what u want to learn. college is WAY different the high school, its alot better and fun, college is just tryin teach u things that u want to learn and understand the real world,

    i felt shit when i was in soph to sen, but i made it..then i went to college and well i didnt wanna go back to school so i fucked around for a year, well now i wanna go back to school and finish what i'm doin

    oh and after high school, its okay to have a year off and have fun, get rid all your thoughts and shit... then go back to college but if u dont wanna go to college then thats all kool, everybody make their own choices
  3. Atleast you have a car. your in fucking high school man, and from what it sounds like a nice one. Stop bitching about your issues, it doesn't get any better.
  4. Bro, the car isnt exactly mine, its stolen, its just clean, 5 months without cop heat. And how is it a nice high school? If maybe my family had an extra million dollars, then I could possibly fit in, the middle-upper class gap is huge.
  5. So, basically, you're wanting advice on if quitting school is a bad idea ?

    Most people would say that it is... because it is!

    Unless physical labor for low wages, or the fast food industry is appealing to you... stick it out bud. Very few people can ever make decent money without at least a HS diploma, and those that do are very lucky, and/or work extremely hard.

    You can't worry about what people might think or even say about you in HS. It may seem important or something to get worked up over now, but years down the road none of these people will matter the slightest bit. It will matter though if you don't get that diploma though..

    I can pretty much guarantee if you do not finish you will regret it one day. Remember this thread (and mark my words) although I hope you stick with it.
  6. stay in school man
  7. You go to a fuckin private school, don't act like you go to school in Inglewood. You damn sure have good books and teachers, the only thing negative you can say is its "wealthy." Who gives a fuck? "Oh no I can't learn and my life is so hard, I have to be a senior in high school!" Grow the fuck up.

  8. doing what you want to do is exactly the attitude that will keep you from flipping burgers. as long as you do something.

    it may suck dude, but it doesnt sound all that bad, so dont let yourself play the victim for being the self proclaimed "poor kid" in the "rich school". do what you gotta do, get your shit done, get out of that place and leave it in the dust. then work hard, take chances and make a life for yourself doing whatever the fuck you want. im living proof!
  9. dont drop out, imagine how much time of your life would be wasted ! now about scholarship system, it sucks, its all that "learn that put it in ur fucking head and spit it out again" the thing is i dont learn anything at school (as in i would learn if they thought me something usefull :p) they show u useless shit without any relation to life, what also pisses me off (as a boy) and watch out, it may seem sexist, but i think the whole school system has been feminised. I mean some time back boys would fight on the playground, do boyish shit , dammit. Now if theres one fight, my whole fucking school has a parent conference, then we get to listen to that "be a good person" shit for over an hour, i had FUCKING MYP, the 5 areas of interaction, collect cas points (community work), theres barely any guy teachers left (not that i would prefer that much ^^). U get my point, men gotta go back to their hunting :p ..... wow ... im glad thats out, just dont take me serious ..
  10. Man stay in high school. Freeload as much as you can because after high school you start having responsibilities. I wish I could go back for my last year, I had 2 art classes the first semester and then 2 more the second. It was the best, highest year of my life so far.
  11. stay in school because growing up sucks

    it really does

  12. Word.

    It only gets worse from here on out. :hide:

    Seriously, you've been through 11 long years of schooling now. Don't give up on your last year.
  13. Sadly, QFT
  14. I'm going to turn in to such a mom here... :eek:

    WTF? Stay in school. Half of the kids in this world don't even have access to an education.

    Genuine question: If you can't deal with less then a year of school, how do you think you're going to survive at a shitty full time job day in and day out?
  15. Look, you got a whole 10 months of school to tough it out. Use your stonedness to find new ways of dealing with the same old assignments. I wrote everything stoned,(second time in college) and the Lit teacher said she saved my work for "dessert" because of my "novel" viewpoints. Other teachers agreed. Graduated with honors, too! Do the best you can!

    Baby- I understand. My home life was much like yours only drop the "used to be" part of alcoholic and add bipolar to Mom's description! Dad was in the Navy- absent 3/4 of the time. Mom had a kid by my Dad's sexy Navy Seal cousin- adopted out. There were arguments with voices so twisted with hate that I could not tell whose voice was whose! My brother and I walked in on, I don't know how many, failed suicide attempts- pills, knives, razor blades....... she finally succeeded with a gun. Life was an unending party when she was up... and pure hell when she wasn't.

    I survived. I turned all the shit that was done to me into positives. Mom left me unsure of myself- I was never "good" enough for her. -> I am now an over-achiever and pay attention to detail.(Click the link in my sig to see what I mean.) She was always impatient with me- I am the soul of patience- I quilt and work in special ed. She hurt me emotionally. -> I am caring and compassionate. She said I would never succeed at anything. -> My marriage has lasted longer than both of hers together. I get EXCELLENT job evaluation scores and I am well liked. And so on.

    All the "shit" has been "composted" and made into "good fertilizer" for my spirit! Take what has hurt you, and never do it to another. Be the opposite of those who have hurt you.

    You can do it.

    Granny :wave:
  16. I went through the same shit man. Been through private and public schools. This is your last year and if you quit school all the 11-10 years of your education are going to mean NOTHING. You also need a diploma now a days to get a good job. There are kids that dropped out and later on in the year came back to the school and literally begged to get back in and get the diploma and shit. Also fuck all the rich kids. Just remember that suffering will develop wisdom and make you the person you are. I've suffered and its taught me alot of things.
  17. Basically what I was thinking
  18. stay in school man.
  19. Obviously, stay in school.

    But, to some extent, I must say I feel the same way as you. High school is just fucking rediculous. It seems as though the school authorities work to turn everyone into little Orwellian munchkins, who are trained to never question authority, and who have no rights. It is far to oppresive of an environment, and all the subjects lack any practicality. Whatever happened to shop? Why can't I learn to weld? Instead, you are forced to learn the same stupid subjects year over year, but never apply them at all.
    That pisses me off.

    Oh, and all the douche bag students and teachers who inhabit the same little parcel of land 8-2:30 every day for 10 months.
  20. cyber school your last year man, youll thank me later

    I did it and it was awesome. i got my high school diploma before my friends at public school...and i only had class 3 days a week for an hour or so each day.

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