wow i cant believe he's dead...

Discussion in 'General' started by Candy87, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. i'm dealing with a lot of shit right now. i come to this website for advice and to read and help others when i can. if i try to help someone and i'm wrong i'm sorry, don't attack me for it. understand that other peoples problems are not mine. i have enough right now. one of my best friends got put in a mental institution. he should have been put into rehab. he was doing coke and needed help, instead he got locked in solitatry confinment, and given tranquilizers. he hung himself in the bathroom. i cant beleive someone that i cared about so much is dead. he was a great person. he was always happy and caring. i just wow. i feel so much for his brother and his parents. he had a three year old sister that cant understand. i'm lost right now. RIP bro.
  2. Thats terrible. Im so sorry. I know that makes a shit bit of difference.

    But his soul is okay, hes probably already made the journey back to the material plane and into a new body..
  3. Don't worry, your friend's soul is safe.

    The dude in my sig will make sure of it.
  4. I'm extremely sorry to hear that man. I've been to the point in the middle of a drug binge where I feel so fucked over that hanging myself or blowing my brains out sounds like heaven.
  5. thanks guys i apreciate the support.
  6. Sorry bro.
  7. hey i'm really sorry ot hear about that man, that's a tragedy. this past fourth of july my best friend accidentaly killed himself by hanging himself. he was doing it to try and get a buzz and he set it up wrong and killed himself. i had no idea he was doing this, he was actually the guy who got me into weed. it's really just a terrible thing to have happen, it's been helping me a lot, idk what religeon you are, i'm not very religeous, but i just think of the fact that he's in heaven now and he's ok and that's helped me personally a little, its really really tough though but it will get better, you just gotta get all the friends together and support each other being together i think was probably a good thing for me and all the other friends, we make a point ot visit the family pretty often too. best of luck to you man, its a terrible thing to have to go through and i really am sorry to hear about this, it's a terrible thing.
  8. Sorry candy.. and you were helpful in my threads that you posted in. Your friends in my prayers and as soon as i get weed i will smoke whatever im smoking in your name. God bless.
  9. sorry bro... my bestfriend is on a similar road to destruction unfortunately. :(

  10. thank you i appreciate that, i cant stand the people on here who jump on you if you make one mistake with something, and don't go as far to think other people are preoccupied with bigger things.

    Thanks all of you

    and he was Muslim i don't know what that religions believe

  11. My brother is a muslim. all i really know is they can't eat pork.

    AND I AGREE WITH YOU 100 PERCENT i hate that when people jump all over someone for one mistake or something like that or like they say oh that never happened i dont beleive it. its like calm down people smoke a joint.

    and by the way if you ever need to talk im always online just Pm me.
  12. Man, thats rough dude. This bowls for you bro.
  13. oh shit. u just shocked me man, i didnt expect for u to say what u said. I thought it wouldve been something alot more light hearted. THats really a serious thing, i would suggest just continueing to do what youre doing. I know its hard and its hard to get it outtve your mind, the best thing is just to reflect, cry your heart out and just get ur emotions out the best you can. Now is not the time to bottle it in, no matter how u think it will affect other just get it out and dont think about them at this moment. gETTINg these feelings out is what will be best for YOU. and YOU is whats important. I dont think this will be the time to lean on substances like alcohol or anything like that...because this is the prime time to form an addiction to hide ur emotions. Some weed will do you good, but dont overdue it. Remember to reflect and deal with your emotions sober as well. Anyways i wish you luck man, and just think positive thoughts. My heart goes out to you and your friend thats in a better place.
  14. man, sorry bro, It really sucks to have someone you like, love, or even someone you know die.

    gl :(
  15. unfortunately i am unemployed at the moment, and broke as shit, i don't have many friends wear i live, i just moved from Ny to Va. No weed in a month :( i would love a buz tho..i know what you mean, my friends back home are watching out for his bro who is a close friend of ours too. i think what amazes me is the first time i ever smoked weed i was with him, eight grade in a sump rolling joints out of loose leaf, and ciggaweeds...time will heal. for me i'm worried though because theses things ALWAYS happen in threes, ( when i was younger my three grandparents died within 6 months of eachother etc..) and my great great grandma died last week ( 101 didnt know her that much). but i've learned a lot from it all and i'm stronger through every struggle i have. but now im making my post a pity party so thanks guys.
  16. I know just how ya feel man, sorry for your loss. My prayers are with ya dude
  17. I'm sorry for your loss. :(
  18. hey bro im rlly srry to hear that , i lost my mom when i was a lil boy :(
  19. just remember to do something like that he must of been in a bunch of pain. now hes free with what he believes for the after life. hes happy and thats what counts.

    get your bros together and have a tribute smoke/drink/surf/skate whatever was his style have a day tributed to him remember the good times and you will be alright

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