Wow HID lights get hot!! who Knew?

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  1. What kind of fan are you guys using to keep your 600 watt hps lights cool, what kind of cfm rating am i hoping for? im using a hydrofarm reflector with 6" duct, and a cheap walmart fan made into a 6" inline fan. My temp spiked from 80 deg f. to over 95 in less than 10 minutes, temperatures were taken about a foot below the reflector with a tower fan on medium ocsillating over the sensor. Please help! I dont want to burn my ladies! Thx in advance.

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  2. Seriously, anyone?? mabye i have too much wattage for my space? 3.5' x 2' closet. I need to know what to do, my plants are just finishing germ... PLease HELP!!!
  3. Get a bigger fan, and ur overheating problems will be solved
  4. You don't need the 600w yet. The flouros will be fine for now. Let them get a little bigger before you hit them with the big lights.

    You definately need more powerful fans. I'd put 2 inline fans. 1 sucking fresh air in to the hood, and one pulling it through and out on the other side. $25-$30 a piece at Home Depot.I have 3 fans in my room at plant level and my temp never gets over 82 and that is usually only for a couple hours. It usually stays right around 75. I'm using a 1000w.
  5. What kind of cfm should i be looking for, got a 250cfm inline in now... and pretty quick exhaust from the room. with co2 regulator on, what kind of temp should i be safe to?? 100deg?
  6. thx 20fan, im not running the lights for a few more weeks, but i just want to be ready to go so i dont have any burning issues. Ill take your advice about multiple fans, i think that will really help. Thx again
  7. Too hot = stress= hermies or death. IMO 85 is too hot, and +90 is way too hot. Your cfm's are fine, just add 1 on the other side.
  8. mabye i should pipe my houses ac into the room, im in az so its hard to keep my house under 80... or i could get a dehumidifier for that room.
  9. 600wtts seems way to much, for that space a 600hps would do a area 5x5 pefectly. And yes Hps get real hot and can burn things. What is it thats running now for wattage and wut not?
  10. Ive been looking at lumen numbers and plant stats, and for 8 and greater plants, 600watts was recommended. Im planing to add a suplimentary portable ac with zone thermostat. i found a used one for 150$...
  11. I like the set-up and that you put so much work into it. I wonder, however, how well the nutrients are going to flow through those pipes when the plants are big and the root systems are fully developed?
  12. Thx for the warning, i got a little ahead of myself and started designing the system from inside the home depot, probally not a good idea, but im Mr. Noob so thats what i do. . . Ive been thinking about that ever since i saw a picture of a plant out of a bubble bucket and the roots were completely filling up a 5 gallon bucket!!! amazing. so i think im going to go with the scrog method and remove the pipes, drilling holes in my bucket lid and making a bubble bucket out of what i have. this will give the plants up to a foot more space from the light, and even out the height for some even grow. i dont know what i was thinking when i built this, but part of it came from horticulture in high school. Thanks for all the advise, please keep it coming, this is my first grow and i need all the help i can get!!
  13. oh, and i almost forgot, ill be able to add more plants to the bucket too!!

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  14. A dehumidifier will heat up the room even more.
  15. That is just way too much for the availible space. You should step down to a 400 watt. And just suplement later on with some cfl's. 3 foot space is waaayy to small for that place. Once the plants get bigger the grow room will become more humid and hotter. Take your temps now and then add 5-10 degrees (usually like 1-5d egrees if a 5x5 space) to the original temps. Having 95 degrees is way too hot. I Keep mine at 75 with a 600. But im using alittle more space.
  16. oh boy, that really sucks i think im going to have to make this light work as ive officially run out of funds to pump into my closet. whats the best way to make it work?, ac, dehumidification, fan on high ect. i lowered the plants another foot today... this will help im sure.

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