wow guys i've had the best day ever seriously

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. dropped and broke my pipe
    dropped my phone and it slid down a sewer drain

    yeah fuck yeah i have the best luck ever.

    how the hell was your day you have any good luck or bad luck
  2. I think all your good luck came to me, I had an amazing day. Sorry, but I appreciate the sacrifices!

  3. well at least someone had a good day :)
  4. That sucks OP I'm sorry to hear that. shit happens though, thats life. ya know?
  5. damn that sucks, my day was boring been 2 weeks of winter break without bud,,,

  6. oh yeah that's definitely what my first thought was: shit happens haha.
    when i told my mom, she just laughed at me. :mad:
  7. No good luck, no bad luck. Nothing like that happened to me though, that sucks. Something good will probably happen to counter-act that at some point. Unless karma hit you.
  8. well now you can get yourself a better pipe and a new phone.

  9. by choice or by cruel fate? d:

  10. im thinking it could be some bad karma.
    i mean i'm a shitty individual at times but i ain't kill nobaady. c:
  11. yea i know how you feel..

    my dad just died today.. then on the way to the hospital my sister crashed and she was lifelined.. its not lookin good for her..

  12. you told your mom you broke your pipe?:rolleyes:
  13. I fixed my pipe
    Then i found a cellphone in a sewer drain
    Guess my day was kinda lucky:D

  14. ive honestly been wanting new of both so... hopefully soon haha.

  15. uh

    i meant the phone thing :p

  16. dont you lie to me boy/girl/thing
  17. multi quote yo
  18. ah man shitty days, i know those trust me..

    today was good though for me, didn't have shit to do today, woke up, smoked, layed around the house all day, drank, thought i was out of pot.. found a nug under my home theater receiver, got high.. sitting here now chillin.. roommate may get some unmentionables of the poppy variety, that'll be cool, either way i'm bout to lay down in bed and watch tv
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  19. [quote name='"Ziggy86"']well now you can get yourself a better pipe and a new phone.[/quote]

    I like your positivity man ;)

  20. haha i like how you talk

    im in bed too now and watching adult swim so im content fuck it

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