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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Hyekakan, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. have you seen this? A GLass portable vaoprizer my solo just ran to a corner, because hes claiming about 2 grams are vaporized before the battery needs to be shcarged and holds about .5 grams inside.

    Persei Hammer Herb Chamber - YouTube
  2. Lookin nice dude, lookin nice.

  3. I cant wait to get my hands on this shits sick.
  4. whats the price?
  5. I have no clue its not out yet i did talk to them and they said it should go up next week as a pre order but its a add on to the persei vaporizer. What ever the cost is bro a portable glass vape that can do 2 grams between charges is the shit.
  6. Holding .5 is a questionable choice, that shit would put me to sleep.

    .2-.25 is ideal IMO for chamber size for anyone with a higher tolerance, .5 is just complete overkill.

    Still looks badass.

    EDIT: Think though, if it does 2 grams between charges, that only works out to 4 sessions with a .5 bowl. I'm gonna guess they just phrased it that way to make it sound better than "4 sessions" since 4 isn't great at all.

  7. Could be but reading fc he says you can vape as much as you need and then leave the rest for later, so depends on your requirement it could be 5 sessions for each half gram that would mean 20 sessions per charge. 4 sessions means you have to finish that half gram at once. it all depends whos who if you know what i mean

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