Wow fuck

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  1. just drove through a police checkpoint with 9 oz had to get out and do a runner man fuck hahahahaa pigs

  2. you were chased?

    I have been arrested before but whats with so many people posting in last 48 hours about how paranoid they're of cops

  3. Cool story bro...

    You just abandoned your car to avoid jail time, sure ok I believe that.


  4. Maybe he was just a passenger
  5. They're digging into your past as you read this, likely they have already found where you live...Hell, they're probably watchin' the place, see any white vans out front? Yeah, that's them.

    Just a matter of time now.[​IMG]

  6. LOL! You must be on one good trip to make up a story like this. First of all if it were a real check point, likely you would have been caught. If you got out and ran with the police still in sight and they saw you running, they'd pursue and catch you. xd But maybe, maybe. maybe this is true. I'd get offline and out of state if I were you. LMFAO.
  7. Me thinks "runner man" is his term for a test at a DUI checkpoint. I got nailed with a DUI and the cop had me march like in the military as part of my roadside test. I'm hoping that is the case though.. that this runner man was a test that he passed, but still sketched out by the fact that he didn't get nailed with weed.

  8. see the black helicopters wurwurwurwur


  9. Oh man, this makes me want to get a car soo bad. lol


  10. i don't live in america so we don't get shot if we get our and run haha

  11. hasn't this guy been arrested for impersonation? lol when he offers a cop his cuffs

  12. It obv wasnt the UK either or you would have had felt the breath of a big fuck off alsation bearing down on you!

    Yea man i think its bollocks! If it was a checkpoint you wouldnt have gotten far.

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  13. use your terrain, if you get a good head start in a forest and jump a few barbed wire fences they are fucked.
  14. My dog (a lurcher) which isnt trained in the pursuit of criminals can jump &clear a 5bar fence with ease. Police dogs can climb over some freaky heights. Not many even with a head start will avoid set of teeth on there arse!

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  15. in a forest with 5 of them chasing you wont do anything if your willing to jump through barbed wire, the dogs wont to that and its quite the obstacle in the first place to get to that point haha. rather have a cut back and legs than one of them attacking me.
  16. Disagree bud lol
    Ĺets put it to the test. I know a guy with a mean alsation. Give you a good 10min start ;)

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  17. ive got one myself haha, 10 mins and ill be over the fence already from the point they would come from and away out, you have to push the barbed wire to get through and only a certain part, dont think dogs are that smart to be able to do that.
  18. No they are even smarter they just jump over it lol

    See the dog has acute hearing @ smell. It can see for miles in the dark. Wherever you have been the dog will follow. If you can get through/over something, and you can bet the dog will aswell & do it better than you. Remember these dogs are trained specifically for this. You might get away from a pet one cz it would prolly give up due to boredom.

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  19. not if its massive and you have to drag yourself up it, no way there is a dog jumping over that, maybe without the wire but still probably not.

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